AORUS AGC310 gaming chair is designed with gamers in mind. It combines the advanced ergonomics and all-steel chair frame, to bring top-tier comfort and stability. The art of mix and match of two materials is used to create an understated luxury on visual impact, which meets the high spec and fashion under the gamers' expectations.


Frame & Base


Backrest & Seat


Adjustable Armrest


Max Tilting Angle


Certified Gas Lift

High Quality

BIFMA & Durability certified

Lean Back and Relax with 160° Adjustable Backrest

Enjoy every gaming moment in comfort with the adjustable and step-less backrest from 90 to 160 degree.


Bigger, Wider For Your Gaming Comfort

AORUS AGC310 gaming chair fits all sizes of gamers, has a larger seat and a wider back, which can fit various figures. The streamlined design from the racing concept brings more body-hugging fit, lets you immerse all of yourself into the game.

All-around Support to
Back You Up

The headrest cushion and the adjustable lumbar support cushion are suitable for gamers of different body shapes. Enjoy long gaming sessions in comfort and stability that the AORUS AGC310 offers.

Achieve Perfect Arm Position with 2D Armrests

The adjustable 2D armrests allow you to place your elbows at the most comfortable position, so you can rest your forearms and game stress-free by relieving strains on your shoulders and wrists.

Stay Cool and Fresh with Breathable Design

The seat is equipped with high-density foam, which has better resilience and weight-bearing features. With the vents on the seat surface design, gamers can experience comfortably those long-time gaming.

Show Your AORUS Spirit

The back of the chair shows the exquisite AORUS LOGO embroidered totem, which shows faith and brings out unique style at the same time.

Ascend to Your Gaming Throne

AORUS AGC310 is made from high-quality leather and velvet fabric, which bring out the art of mix and match. The streamlined design and the style of mix and match make the entire gaming chair understated without losing luxury.
>30,000 times Leather Abrasion Rubs
>30,000 times Velvet Fabric Abrasion Rubs
GRADE 4 Velvet Fabric Dry & Wet Staining

Durable and Reliable
CLASS 4 Certified

International CLASS 4 certification gas lift is responsible for adjusting the seat height, and bring a more stable and safe experience. Rest assured.

Built to Last

The chair base is made of steel, which is sturdy and durable for bearing weight. Coupled with 60mm wear-bearing and silent casters, it can slide on most surfaces with ease.
2500 lbf Chair Base Compression Force
225 lb Proof Load
>98,000 times Durability cycling

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