GIGABYTE announces GA-7DX mainboardthe first AMD-761™ mainboard with PC2100 DDR memory support.

First AMD / DDR M/B in the market! Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd, a leading high quality motherboard manufacturer, is launching the first AMD-761™ mainboard, GA-7DX, for the next generation of computing platforms for the AMD Athlon™ / AMD Duron™ Socket A CPUs with PC2100 / PC1600 DDR200/266 (Double Date Rate) memory.

DDR266 for both FSB and SDRAM!Designed with the AMD-761™ System Controller, GA-7DXsupports AMD Athlon™ processor with 266/200 MHz AMDSystem Bus, and up to 2GB of either PC2100 DDR orPC1600 DDR200 SDRAM. PC2100 DDR266 memorydoubles the data rate through reading and writing,achieving data bandwidth 2X greater than PC133 whenrunning at the same clock frequency. With peak bandwidthof 2.1GB per second, DDR memory enables GA-7DXusers to build high performance servers, workstations and high-end PC systems.

ATA-100 is coming!
Together with VIA's latest integrated peripheral controller, VT82C686B, GA-7DX supports ATA-100interface data rate, which drives burst data to the host at up to 100 Megabytes per second. This new industry standard transfer rate enables GA-7DX based systems to take full advantage of the performance of the ATA-100 hard drives. It is also backward compatible with earlier ATA standards.

EasyTuneIII ™ and @BIOS™ to upgrade your system easily!
Only Gigabyte can lets you upgrade your system with software Windows utilities EasyTuneIII™ and @BIOS™. With the friendly interface of EasyTuneIII™, all GA-7DX users can easily overdrive their systems without the need to meddle with jumper settings.. @BIOS™ is another useful tool developedby Gigabyte to flash new BIOS via the INTERNET. With only a few simple clicks, you can easily upgrade your GA-7DX system with latest BIOS from Gigabyte's worldwide INTERNET @BIOS ™ servers.

What else
GA-7DX is an ATX form-factor mainboard designed to support both AMD Athlon™ and AMD Duron™processors, enabling the ultimate computing experience for consumer and commercial users. It provides 1 x AGP 4X/2X, 1 x AMR and 5 PCI slots. Creative® PCI Sound, IrDA and front USB connectors are also standard features of GA-7DX. Furthermore, GA-7DX supports up to 2GB PC2100 / PC1600 DDR memory, Hardware Mo nitor, STR (Suspend-To-RAM) and Keyboard / Mouse wake-up functions. With all the features mentioned here, GA-7DX should be the best choice for you to build your high performance PC system.