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  1. Revolution energy saving design with DES Advanced featuring hardware based Dynamic 6-Gear switching
  2. Supports 45nm Intel® Core™ 2 multi-core processors with FSB 1600 MHz
  3. Advanced power phase design with virtual 12 power phases to provides highly efficient operation for 45nm CPU
  4. Dual channel DDR2 1333+ for remarkable system performance
  5. Embedded 2 power phases for NB chipset and memory power to excel at power efficiency
  6. 2 PCI-E 2.0 x16 graphic interface plus 2 PCI-E x4 with CrossFireX™ support for ultimate graphics performance
  7. Built-in TPM chip with 2048bits encryption to highest level digital data protection
  8. Smart Backup provides data backup solution with 4 serial ATA device attachment from 2 hardware RAID chip
  9. Diagnostic LED and ACPI LEDs on board to display system and power status
  10. 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN with Teaming functionality
  11. Supports Dolby Home Theater® audio to create a stunning surround sound listening experience.
  12. Quad BIOS solution gives a multiple security to the system
  13. Power/reset/Clr CMOS onboard button for easily operation on the workbench
  14. Hardware Overvoltage Control IC Provides more voltage control options on CPU, North bridge and memory
  15. Blu-ray playback outputs supported by high quality 106dB SNR ALC889A HD audio
(Note) This motherboard is designed with VRD11.1 power phase, and cannot be compatible with VRD10 designed CPU. Please refer to "CPU Support List" for details.
  • Introduction

    Based on the new Intel P45 chipset, GA-EP45-DQ6 delivers a record setting 1600MHz Front Side Bus for the latest Intel® Core 2™ multi-core processors, including 45nm CPUs. With supporting dual channel DDR2 up to 1333+MHz, GA-EP45-DQ6 motherboard provides the highest levels of performance and maximum overclocking potential. In additional, GA-EP45-DQ6 is further equipped to support ATI CrossFireX™ Technology with dual PCI Express 2.0 x8 interfaces, delivering double the PCI Express bandwidth of 5 Gbit/s for the ultimate in extreme gaming performance. GA-EP45-DQ6 delivers several advanced GIGABYTE innovations including the DES Advanced, Ultra Durable 2, Ultra TPM design which provide optimized power savings, ultra cooling and ultra secure data protection.
  • Qualified for Windows® 7
    The motherboard qualified for WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certification of Windows 7 from Microsoft®, setting the standard for future Windows 7 certified motherboards...more
  • Menor, Mais Rápido e Mais Eficiente
    Menor, Mais Rápido e Mais Eficiente - As placas-mãe GIGABYTE em conjunto com CPUs Intel 45nm, fornecem o melhor das plataformas para multi-tarefa, multimídia e jogos de alto desempenho.

  • Dual Channel DDR2 1333+ MHz
    Delivering native support for DDR2 memory up to 1333MHz, GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 3 series motherboards allow users to easily reach higher memory frequencies at lower voltages; achieving higher memory performance with lower power consumption to run even the most memory intensive applications such as high-definition video and 3D games with ease.
    * DDR2 1333+ is supported with combination of AM3 processors and qualified memory modules, please refer "Memory Support List" for detail memory support information.
  • PCI-E 2.0 Graphics Interface
    PCI-E 2.0 dobra a banda padrão do bus de 2.5 Gbit/s para 5 Gbit/s, significa que o conector x32 pode transferir dados até 16 GB/s em cada direção. O PCI-E 2.0 também apresenta melhorias nos protocolos de transferência de dados de ponto-a-ponto e arquitetura de software.
  • Multi-display support with ATI CrossFireX
    A ATI CrossFireX oferece a solução definitiva em desempenho gráfico para entusiastas em jogos que demandam as mais altas taxas de quadros sem comprometer a resolução.
  • Dolby Home Theater® - Desfrute de uma Rica Experiência em Som Surround Home Theater
    Dolby Home Theater coloca os ouvintes no meio da ação, oferecendo ao PC um poderoso conjunto de ferramentas para proporcionar uma experiência em estilo cinematográfico.
    • Som vívido para músicas, filmes e jogos, usando de dois a oito caixas de som ou qualquer conjunto de fones
    • Projetado para proporcionar automaticamente a melhor experiência de áudio possível

  • Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced
    GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced provides better energy saving capabilities and enhanced system performance. GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced is the world's only motherboard energy saving technology with hardware-based Dynamic 6-Gear* Switching. With support for VRD 11.1, GIGABYTE's DES Advanced allows the motherboard to switch to 1 Gear phase switching during idle, allowing for a dramatic increase in power savings.

    GIGABYTE has also retooled Dynamic Energy Saver to allow overclockers to experience the benefits of multi-gear power phase switching while overclocking, providing ultra stable, ultra smooth overclocking performance.
    * The 6-Gear feature may vary by model. Gear 1 phase switching requires 45nm processors with PSI signal enabled.
  • 2 Power Phases for Both North Bridge and Memory
    GIGABYTE P45 motherboards are equipped with 2-Phase power for the North Bridge and memory, allowing users to reach higher memory frequencies and enjoy better performance. Compared with only one phase solutions, this ensures longer power component lifespan and higher overclockability due to cooler working temperatures and better efficiency.

  • Ultra TPM - Industry’s highest level of data Security via onboard TPM
    TPM function is optional due to different regional policy
    • Maximum level of data protection with 2048 bit encryption
    • Security, manageability and flexibility that surpasses software-based encryption
    • Portable User Key to protect data when away from your system
    • Additional backup of user key in BIOS in case of misplaced key
    • After creating the password(s) and key(s) associated the TPM, be sure to store them in a secure location and back them up. Loss of the password(s) or the key(s) will render the files encrypted via the TPM unable to be cracked or read.
    • Though the TPM delivers the latest data security technology, it does not guarantee data integrity or give hardware protection. GIGABYTE is not liable for loss of encrypted data as a result of hardware damage.
    (Note)If you want to uninstall the Ultra TPM utility, be sure to insert the USB flash drive containing the TPM key into your computer before the uninstallation.

  • High Velocity 4X Bandwidth Boost
    The Quad LAN with Teaming functionality enabled allows 4 single connections to act as 1 single connection for Quad Bandwidth, improving overall throughput.

    Prevents network downtime by transferring the workload from a failed port to a working port.

    Receive Side Scaling balances the network traffic load evenly between 2 CPU cores in order to improve performance.

    Adjusts power consumption automatically according to your LAN cable lengths, up to 10% power savings.

    (Note) To enable Teaming or Bonding (IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation) feature, it is required the connected network switch or router device supports the IEEE 802.3ad LACP standard. Please refer to your network switch or router device manual for further details.
  • Hardware Overvoltage Control ICs
    Hardware Overvoltage Control ICs which provide more voltage control options than before for the CPU North Bridge and memory. The overvoltage controllers also provide hardware linear real-time voltage control. In addition, Hardware Overvoltage Controller ICs also allow for much finer voltage control, allowing power users to adjust voltage in as little increments as 20mV for better overclocking performance.
  • EasyTune6
    A GIGABYTE redesenhou completamente o EasyTune6 para ficar mais fácil do que nunca monitorar os seus recursos, assim como ajustar as configurações de seu sistema para alcançar a performance maxima. Se você é um overclocker, ou um novato, o EasyTune6 proporciona ferramentas que você necessita para sem esforço e rapidamente tunar seu sistema

  • Smart Backup- Plug & Play Hardware RAID
    GIGABYTE's Smart Backup allows users to connect up to 4 Serial ATA devices for effortless RAID data protection. Dual onboard RAID controller chips automatically configure RAID setup without user intervention, making it easier than ever for users to enjoy enhanced data transfer performance, low CPU utilization, real-time backup on-the-fly and protection against HDD failure.
  • DualBIOS™ - Patenteada para dupla proteção do Hardware
    DualBIOS™ é uma tecnologia patenteada da GIGABYTE que recupera automaticamente dados da BIOS no caso de falha da BIOS principal. Apresentando 2 BIOS ROMs físicos onboard, a GIGABYTE DualBIOS™ permite uma rápida recuperação de danos na BIOS, falhas causadas por vírus ou atualização de BIOS inapropriada.
  • Onboard Diagnostic LEDs - Hardware Troubleshoot at a Glance

    7 Onboard LEDs controlled by the system BIOS indicate if a malfunction is occurring, allowing users to directly see where the problem is occurring, so they can quickly take question.
  • Onboard ACPI LEDs - Power Status Indicators to avoid improper hardware removal
    The Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) gives the operating system direct control over the power management. There are 4 embedded LEDs onboard to indicate system power status to prevent potential H/W damage due to improper plug/unplug actions.
  • Onboard Quick Switches
    Onboard Power, Clear CMOS and Reset buttons allow for quick and easy tweaking for power users working in an in chassis environment.
  • Ultra Durable 2 - Projetado com os Componentes da Mais Alta Qualidade

    Ultra Cooling - Design Low RDS(on) MOSFET
    Low RDS(on) MOSFET especialmente projetado para gerar menor resistência de chaveamento para carregar e descarregar corrente elétrica com mais rapidez.

    Ultra Cooling

    Low Power Loss - Design de Bobina com Núcleo de Ferrite
    As bobinas com núcleo de ferrite são compostas de uma combinação de óxido de ferro e outros elementos metálicos cujas propriedades armazenam energia por muito mais tempo comparada a um núcleo de ferro comum em alta frequência.

    Low Power Loss

    Vida Longa - Design All-Solid Capacitor
    Capacitores sólidos contém um polímero orgânico sólido, enquanto capacitores eletrolíticos usam um líquido eleltrolítico comum, portanto, os termos de capacitores sólidos e capacitores eletrolíticos.

    Longer Life

  • 50,000 Hours Japanese Solid Capacitors
    As placas-mãe GIGABYTE Ultra Durable são equipadas com capacitores sólidos desenvolvidos por indústrias japoneses líderes. Com vida útil média de 50000 horas, estes capacitores sólidos fornecem estabilidade, confiabilidade e longevidade essencial para atender a demanda de energia dos melhores processadores e outros componentes executando aplicativos atuais mais exigentes e jogos... ...more

    * 50000 horas de funcionamento em ambiente com temperatura a 85°C
* Todos os materiais disponíveis são para simples referência. A GIGABYTE reserva o direito de modificar ou revisar o conteúdo a qualquer momento sem aviso prévio.
* Todas as marcas e logotipos são de propriedade de suas respectivas proprietárias.
* Devido a arquitetura padrão PC, uma quantia de memória é reservada para uso do sistema, portanto o tamanho da memória é menor do que a quantia exibida.