• silver award

    We were actually very impressed with this inexpensive X299 motherboard in that it held stable in most of the abuse we heaped on it. More 2017/10
  • Must Have Best Value Award

    The GIGABYTE X299-AORUS Gaming 3 is an excellent value proposition for someone with a Skylake-X CPU who doesn't want to spend over $300 on a motherboard, but also wants to maintain relatively high-performance features, looks, and performance. More
    Tweaktown 2017/08
  • Highly Recommended Award

    At the end of the day, Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 3 will be one of those motherboards that polarizes thoughts. On the one hand, the quality of the built-in components is excellent, as well as the design of the motherboard with RGB Fusion technology and a large number of connections for cooling devices. On the other hand, Gigabyte has made some strange decisions about PCIe slots if you use a processor with 16 PCIe lines, and one M.2 slot will cost you as much as four SATA ports. Is this is acceptable or not depending on what kind of configuration you want to make with this motherboard. If you select the appropriate components, this board will be purely a pleasure to use. More 2017/08
  • Editor Approved 2017

    Gigabyte’s X299 Aorus Gaming 3 is a solid performer and a good value for $280 or less. More
    Tom's hardware 2017/08

  • Recommanded Award

    AORUS Gaming 3 is the best choice of components that has no doubt with its reliability and we really appreciated for its upgradability, evolution & extension possibilities” More
    59-hardware 2017/08
  • GOLD

    The board provides quite everything you would need with a digital LED environment (GIGABYTE being the only manufacturer to handle RGB+W) + an Audio solution that is clearly excellent, along with a very well thought cooling system. With the Smart 5 Innovation, GIGABYTE proposes a great fan control with individual settings + PWM and Standard modes management along with 9 thermo sensors onboard. If you don't need an onboard Wi-Fi and that you could handle an UEFI a little under what ASUS offers, then this board is definitly an excellent choice.
    PC Update 2017/08
  • Recommended

    It performed near the top of our battery of tests the vast majority of the time. No matter what we threw at it, it performed admirably. Overclocking was just as impressive as. 5 GHz is just a click away via the BIOS. More
    Proclockers 2017/07
  • Recommended

    It's reasonably good looking, has a decent layout, and overall it competes well against the competing boards and is particularly well-suited to those that like to tinker. More
    Bit-tech 2017/07

  • Approved Award

    "Its decent benchmark results, rock-solid stability, slick aesthetics and comparatively reasonable price, means the X299 Aorus Gaming 3 comes recommended"
    Custom PC 2017/07
  • 7/10 points award

    Morele TV 2017/07

    GIGABYTE entered our reviews line with their X299 AORUS Gaming 3 motherboard. It is a gaming motherboard addressed to budget users as it has a very good price/performance ratio. The tests showed a stable product that features all the capabilities that can be included in that price, offering a great solution to build your rig. More 2017/07
  • RGB award

    The design of the chipset is great and it has digital LED RGB & customized configuration of these LEDs. The overclocking capability is another of the strengths of this motherboard and the new Intel, supporting and offering a good dose of overclocking, which is very great. More
    hardwaresfera 2017/07

  • DIAMOND award

    Without a doubt this is an extremely complete motherboard, which is absolutely is not missing any detail, including Intel VROC, Thunderbolt, large number of USB ports (both the front panel and the I / O panel), in addition Of a large number of SATA ports and even two M.2 SSD to be able to develop a RAID through chipset. As always, this motherboard Gigabyte Aorus X299 Gaming 3, we liked and it is that the products of Gigabyte are of very good quality and it is noticed that they take care of all the details. More
    hardwaresfera 2017/07
  • Rating ITH 3.5 stars award

    AORUS X299 Gaming 3 it is a motherboard that supports all modern standards (including USB 3.1), has a lot of expansion slots and data storage connectors, a good Intel network adapter and a decent audio subsystem based on Realtek ALC1220. More 2017/07
  • Recommended

    Overall though, you are getting a solid board. You get the new wRGB digital headers, shielded memory slots, a rear I/O cover, and a lot of connection options across the board on the internal headers. They didn’t skimp on cooling and really the new color neutral look looks great and lets the RGB lighting set your theme. More
    LAN OC 2017/07
  • 4 out of 5

    The $279.99 price tag, while not cheap in relation to Z270 motherboards, is actually one of the most affordable X299 motherboards currently available. Power user wallets will need to be flush with cash build around the Core X-series processors. More
    CPU Magazine 2017/06

  • Recommended Award

    The Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 3 is a properly designed and fine looking motherboard. More
    Guru 3D 2017/06
  • Gold Award

    The X299-AORUS Gaming 3 is a stunning motherboard which does not shy away from serving up a whole host of exciting features. This might be the lowest model in the AORUS lineup but it carries server-level components and can push your CPU beyond the competition. More
    Vortez Hardware 2017/06
  • Good product Award

    This motherboard will allow you to create an extensive configuration. Its additional advantage is a modern set of connectors and an attractive design. The main advantage of the X299 platform is the ability to create powerful configurations. More
    Benchmark.PL 2017/06