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  1. Socket 478 for Intel® new 0.13 micron-process Pentium® 4 processor
  2. Supports high efficiency PC133 memory
  3. Integrated high quality AC'97 audio
  4. Supports UDMA ATA 133/100/66 IDE device
  5. Provides 6 high efficiency USB ports
  6. GIGABYTE unique EZ-Fix AGP slot
  • Introduction
    The GA-8SD533, consisted with SiS645 and 961(B) chipsets, is a highly valuable motherboard with great performance and rich features for Intel® Pentium® 4 based platform. With unique technology developed by GIGABYTE, GA-8SD533 is able to provide Optimized FSB setting for high-speed processor thus delivering exceptional performance. GA-8SD533 also supports the SDRAM PC133 memory and AGP 4X graphics interface to ensure excellent performance for mainstream platform. Equipped the latest 961(B) chipset, GA-8SD533 provides 6 USB ports and high speed UDMA ATA133 interface for a variety of peripherals and storage devices. GA-8SD533 is indeed the best buy SiS 645-based SDRAM solution motherboard.
  • Supporting latest Intel® Pentium® 4 and providing Optimized FSB Setting
    GA-8SD533 supports the latest Intel® new 0.13 micron-process Pentium® 4 processor. Enabled by R&D expertise of GIGABYTE, GA-8SD533 extends the platform's capability of supporting the optimized FSB setting for the latest Intel® Pentium 4 processor to ensure cost-efficient mainstream PCs possess great performance.
  • Supports PC133 up to 3GB
    Available with 3 DIMM slots supporting up to 3GB of PC133 SDRAM memory, GA-8SD533 provides the high performance platform with the high efficiency SDRAM memory.
  • Great Expandability of 6 USB Ports
    6 USB1.1 ports are provided to enhance PC connectivity for consumer electronics audio/ video (A/V) appliances, storage peripherals, and portable devices.
  • EasyTune™ 4 - User Friendly Overclocking Utility
    A user-friendly windows based utility developed by GIGABYTE provides a brand new experience of easily operation and enjoyment for over-clocking on your platform.
  • Norton Internet Security™ Included
    Norton Internet Security™ 2002 is the essential protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats. It protects user during the online activities such as e-mailing, shopping, banking, and game playing.
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