Upgrade Your Life

GIGABYTE offers a comprehensive product lineup that aims to “Upgrade Your Life.” With expertise encompassing consumer, business, gaming, and cloud systems, GIGABYTE established its reputation as a leader in the industry with award-winning products including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, mini PCs, monitors, and other PC components and accessories.

As a perennial developer in PC and server hardware and solutions, GIGABYTE is dedicated to foster marvelous user experiences for content creators and gamers, allowing their imagination to manifest a better life; as a server hardware and solution provider, GIGABYTE is poised to extend our scope in business servers and cloud systems with hardware and software solutions that integrate AI and AloT applications to allow customers to capture, analyze, and transform digital information into economic data, accelerating businesses' success from edge to cloud.

That which resonates with your life

That which
resonates with your life

“Upgrade Your Life” is the core essence in everything we do at GIGABYTE. We believe only technology made for you will speak to you. With a keen understanding of your needs, we have raised industry standards with game-changing DualBIOS™ technology; our patented Ultra Durable™ motherboards are designed to last and outlast, and our superior Windforce Stack 3x Cooling System exceeds all expectations.

We break new ground. We also continuously provide reliable cloud infrastructure to help businesses optimize their operations as well as to advance development and expansion in the digital realm. By combining innovation and practicality, GIGABYTE wields the technology of the future to improve your life today.

That which resonates with your life
When ideas manifest into reality
When ideas manifest into reality

When ideas
manifest into reality

We have your bases covered, starting with the motherboard. With an established reputation for trusted quality, we pushed forward with graphics cards, laptops, and mini PCs, and corporations worldwide depend on us for reliable server solutions. We have set the foundations for future forays into machine learning (AI) and deep learning. Most of all, we have always been there innovating products that will spark your creativity. From the adrenaline-pumping AORUS eSport line for enthused gamers, to cutting-edge AERO laptops for inspired artists and creators, or portable yet powerful BRIX mini PCs, with your perspective in mind, we crafted technologies that have more realistic usability to make the future both achievable and approachable.

Foretelling your future in tech

your future in tech

Visualize this: Tapping your phone connects you to cloud. Your city is on a 5G network integrating medical, transportation, and power services. Even your appliances are online, working to make your life easier. AI guarantees that you always have personalized entertainment options. Blockchain has reshaped the financial world, and medical marvels take place daily with the help of VR. What you're visualizing is already approaching reality, and the world will soon rush to keep up. Now is the time to Upgrade Your Life. Our vast product range can meet your personal, business, and computing needs and prepare you for future trends and developments. Using technology, we can achieve anything we visualize, and beyond.

Foretelling your future in tech
In harmony with the natural world
In harmony with the natural world

In harmony
with the natural world

We are eager to achieve the harmony between technology and sustainability. With the faith, we transformed the roof of Headquarters into a sustainable eco-roof with more than 400 species of plants and animals inhabited in order to reach the balance between work, life and leisure. In 2017, in response to the international Trillion Tree Campaign, we launched “Make Earth Green Again” and called on the society to plant trees. We also developed and applied the world's first pure rice husk eco-package, which not only became a sustainability milestone in technology industry, but also won international awards such as iF, Red Dot and Good Design. As a gardener of technology and sustainability, we believe that every action is a seed of anticipation and will thrive into a better future.

Strong R&D and forward ideas to deliver the values that can help you succeed in tomorrow
Founded in Taiwan in 1986
First listed on the TWSE on September, 1998
ISO and Environmental Management
Abide by global and local laws and regulations to prohibit the use of hazardous substance and conflict minerals, also adopting greenhouse gas inventory and workplace safety policies, receiving numerous international certifications
Excellent Manufacturing
Based in Nanping in Taoyuan, Ningbo, and Dongguan, GIGABYTE’s production lines are both in good supply and quality rating, and the constant renewals of equipment and automation adaptations ensure innovation and a high standard of quality control
Global Service
Worldwide support centers and an online eSupport system allow users to receive professional and prompt services to fulfill their needs
As an active and responsible global citizen, GIGABYTE prides its CSR performance in technology education, training, and accessibility, social caring, environment education, and corporate sustainability
Awards and Recognitions
GIGABYTE's quality products received near 20,000 awards and accolades for innovation and design
Moments and breakthroughs which made GIGABYTE
Spun-off Its Server Business, Pursuing Long Term Growth and Value with Giga Computing
G593-SD0 – the First and only NVIDIA qualified H100 HGX 8-GPU SXM5 server in 5U chassis
15 GIGABYTE motherboards, graphics cards, and laptops have received Red Dot Design Award
Showcased "Future of COMPUTING" with breakthrough computing products at COMPUTEX
Exhibited the "Power of Computing" and hosted "Tech Talk" with partners at COMPUTEX 2022
Awarded GVM CSR - Role Model Award for the Electronics and Technology Industry
Single-phase and Two-phase Immersion Cooling enabled industry leaders to build data centers for eco-friendly prospects
Red Dot Design Award for GIGABYTE laptops 3 years in a row
iF Design Awards 2022 for motherboards & monitor
Top 25 Best Taiwan Global Brand
GVM CSR Award - TOP 6 of Electronics and Technology Industry
GVM CSR Award - TOP 8 of Social Innovation Action Plan
Top 25 Best Taiwan Global Brand
2-time Role Model Award of the GVM’s CSR Survey Award – Electronics and Technology Industry
Joined computing project Folding@Home to assist protein simulation and researches in order to fight against COVID-19 pandemic
Released a series of Edge Computing products and solutions during MWC Online
Displayed an array of data center solutions to push the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and big data in Cloud at CES
Invest in 5G solutions, showcased a Smart Life exhibition during COMPUTEX
Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard won Red Dot Design Award
New server using AMD EPYC™ 7002 chipset broke 11 performance records
World's First Tactical Gaming Monitor AORUS AD27QD Announced
Collaborating with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) of Taiwan, using G-series servers to announce a DNN training appliance
AORUS gaming laptop won iF Design Award with environment-friendly RFP (Recycle Fiber of Plant) packaging material
Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards – Top 50 TCSA, Climate Leader Award, and Top 50 Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Report Gold
Role Model Award of the GVM’s CSR Survey Award – Electronics and Technology Industry
Revolutionary Immersion Cooling dazzled Supercomputing and its video wowed millions of users, sparked over 6K discussions on Facebook
AORUS X5 and X7 DT flagship gaming laptops both won Innovation Award at CES
AORUS THUNDER K7 mechanical keyboard an M7 gaming mouse won Red Dot Design Award
Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards – Climate Leader Award, Top 50 Outstanding Corporate Sustainability Report Bronze
New Start of CommonWealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award (Large Corporation Group)
Constructed an eco rooftop “G-Home” on GIGABYTE HQ, promoting sustainability, environmental consciousness, and led the industry in CSR by example
GIGABYTE Launches the BRIX Ultra Compact PC Kit
Authorized Economic Operator(AEO)Certified
Top 100 Technology Leaders in Asia; three years running Top 100 Technology Leaders in Taiwan
Received Social Education Public Service Award by the Ministry of Education
Top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brand
Received “Top 100 Technology Leaders in Taiwan” honor for innovation brand value
Top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brand
Accumulated more than 100 Taiwan Excellence Award, received special recognition from the board for outstanding achievement
Top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brand
First to pass IEQC QC 080000 (HSPM) Hazardous Substance Process Management System Requirements
Top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brand
Received “National Quality Award” Honor
Top 20 Best Taiwan Global Brand
Ningbo factory in China introduced
Established GIGABYTE Education Foundation
Launched Linux OS servers to provide small businesses and individual users a powerful and complete solution
HQ building in Xindian completed
Patented Dual BIOS announced and revolutionized the PCB industry
Business Week named GIGABYTE one of the Top 100 companies in IT
Listed on the TWSE for public trading
Expanded offices overseas in the United States, Germany, and Japan
Nanping production lines in TaoYuan initiated, built with the latest automated equipment
Successfully developed 8MB EMS cards, recognized for outstanding R&D capability
GIGABYTE was Founded
As a Global Citizen
GIGABYTE upholds the same high standard as in creating its products that can Upgrade Your Life
Aimed to achieve zero carbon footprint, reduced greenhouse gas emission by
Lower the environmental impacts of business operation, reduced industrial waste by
Sustaining a clean and eco-friendly business and supply chain, reduced water consumption by
Host education seminars to pass on social and climate justice awareness for over
101,419 hours
Promised to Make Earth Green Again, planted
over 98,774 trees
To cultivate Innovative talents, “G-Design” competition has been run
for 20years
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