最多只能選取 5 個產品!
1. 電競專用機械紅軸
2. USB3.0 SuperSpeed 延伸連接埠
3. 全區域防鬼鍵功能
4. 內建GHOST™巨集引擎
5. 可調式鍵盤背光亮度
  • The blue Platinum group metal Osmium is the heaviest element at normal conditions. Its’ hard, rare and noble nature represents ultra durability and luxury of Aivia Osmium mechanical gaming keyboard.

  • Superior CHERRY MX Mechanical Key-Switch

    Optimized actuation force
    The Aivia Osmium gaming keyboard utilizes Cherry™ mechanical key-switches that provides superior tactile feedback and an optimized actuation force. Reduced key actuation distance of 2mm improves keyboard response time while remaining whisper silent during operation.

    Ultra durability offering 50million key press lifespan
    Superior materials and design improves key durability offering a staggering 50 million key press lifespan which is more than 10 times the amount of conventional keyboards.

    Key Travel
    2mm to actuation
    4mm to bottom

  • Supports USB3.0 Superspeed

    Equipped with USB 3.0 extension port
    A built-in USB 3.0 output which enables the ability to extend USB 3.0 Superspeed support from the motherboard. Connect your USB3.0 device simply through the keyboard.

    Enjoy USB3.0 Superspeed fast transmission
    Independent USB3.0 signal transferring through motherboard ensures the full data transmission without any loss. 10X data transfer speed boost over USB 2.0 
    1.8X power supply compare to USB2.0

  • Absolute Anti-Ghosting Multi-Key press Capability

    Utilizing the revolutionary Anti-Ghosting Matrix key-switch design, Aivia Osmium provides Anti-Ghosting across all zones of the keyboard. Dominate the competition with the amazing advantage and versatility of being able to input multiple keystrokes at once. Never be hindered again on the battlefield as you twist, weave, and decimate your enemies through the unparalleled freedom of Absolute Anti-Ghost technology. 

    *supports 64 simultaneous key presses via USB connection*

  • Built-in GHOST™ Macro engine

    Intuitive GHOST™ Macro Engine 
    GHOST™ macro engine which features intuitive interface allows you to pre-define and switch between macro keys easily for latest PC gaming titles.



    5 gaming profiles on the go 
    Profile switch at your fingertips enables you to switch between 5 different gaming profiles. Up to 70 macros memorization for the gamer on the go.

  • Unique design & Ultra Quality

    Dynamic Volume & Backlit Illumination Control

    Mechanical Macro Hotkey

    Macro Profile Switch

    Additional Feet Stands for the wrist rest

    Full-sized Wrist Rest

    18K Gold-plated Connector 2meters Cotton-braided Cord
  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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