• GamePlay™ 無線技術 – 超過50個小時連續遊戲實時的電池壽命
  • 快速退彈匣專利設計- 如退彈匣般地快速更換充電電池,遊戲不間斷
  • 內建32KB記憶體,可支援滑鼠5組切換模式儲存
  • 有線/無線 雙重模組-享受無線的自由馳騁以及快速切換有線的便利
  • 獨家 GHOSTTM 巨集編輯引擎軟體
    • GamePlay™ Wireless Technology
    • Quick-swap Battery System
    • Versatile wired / wireless dual power mode
    • Built-in GHOSTTM Engine supports 5 macro
      profiles on the go


  • GamePlay™ Wireless Technology


    Dual Mode Functionality
    Enjoy the best of both worlds, the freedom of wireless connectivity and the reliability of wired use. The choice is yours depending on the situation at hand.


    Multi-functional Charging Dock
    Intuitive multi-functional charging dock for the ultimate wireless experience. Charge your extra lithium ion battery at the same time as your mouse, charging dock also doubles as the wireless receiver for an all-inclusive elegant package.

  • 100-hour Nonstop Gaming Experience


    Long-lasting Continued Gaming Hour
    Allows over 50 hours battery life during intense gaming sessions, includes 2 lithium-ion battery packs resulting in 100+ hours of uninterrupted use!


    Quick-swap Battery System
    Fast and easy battery quick-swap feature for minimum downtime. Quickly change out and reload your battery in less than 2 seconds and get back into the fight!

  • 6500dpi Twin-eye Laser Tracking System


    Twin-eye Gaming Laser Sensor
    State of the art laser technology gives the twin-eye laser sensor an unprecedented edge over standard optical sensors. Extremely precise and accurate tracking coupled with low power consumption for the ultimate gaming package.


    4-Stage DPI Adjustment
    800/1600/3200/5600 4-Stage DPI adjustable switch with 4-Stage LED indicators for on-the-fly DPI adjustment
    * Hardware based sensitivity up to 5600dpi / software enhanced up to 6500dpi.

  • Built-in GHOST™ Macro Engine


    GHOST™ Engine with 32KB onboard memory
    Intuitive GHOST™ macro engine with 32KB onboard memory. Load up all your favorite macros for an unprecedented advantage on the battlefield.


    5 gaming profiles on the go
    Utilize up to 70 macros and 5 macro profiles, lightning fast profile switch ability at your fingertips for the absolute competitive advantage. 32KB onboard memory allows you to take your customized macros with you for the gamer on the go.

  • Outstanding Gaming Gear
    4-direction Tilt Wheel Functionality
    Versatile 4-direction tilt wheel for quick and easy desktop navigation.
    * You may have to download GHOST engine software first to enjoy the complete function.
    Ultra-durable Nylon braided USB Cable
    Includes two 1.8M ultra durable nylon braided USB to mini-USB cables. Gold plated USB connectors for optimum signal transfer between connections.
    Non-slick Coating
    Moisture-resistant non-slick coating for exceptional comfort during extended gameplay sessions.
    Gaming Grade Feet Pads
    Teflon gaming grade feet pads for improved accuracy and freedom of movement.
  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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