IPS LCD monitor Glow/Bleed phenomenon

IPS (in-plane switching) is one of liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) screen technology. It is capable of arranging and switching the orientation of the molecules from the liquid crystal layer and displays color with consistency and accuracy from wide viewing angles. Due to R/G/B transmittance divergence, it can be seen different colors or glow of liquid crystal under dark screen. It’s natural phenomenon from IPS panels because of its liquid crystal property. Therefore, there may be different colors at the corners of the screen from each angle under dark patterns. Compared with light leakage, this is a natural glow phenomenon on IPS panels due to R/G/B transmittance divergence.

* Please note that the demonstrated picture is taken in the dark room by CCD.
This is for reference only, under any other condition such as different devices or room lighting will lead to different outcome.
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