Elevating AMD AthlonTM64 Performance Gigabyte's GA-K8NSNXP

Gigabyte Technology Co., a pioneer in motherboard innovation and design, announces the release of its newest Athlon™64 platform solution, the GA-K8NSNXP. The GA-K8NSNXP offers the acclaimed performance inherent to Athlon™ 64 technology as well added power borne from its NVIDIA nForce3 250 chipset. The combination along with Gigabyte's advanced "6-Dual" Miracle design means stellar system performance, reliability and scalability. The GA-K8NSNXP means the ability to compute faster, better, and safer!

Run Faster with the Newly Improved HyperTransport™ Bus
The GA-K8NSNXP fuses the power of AMD Athlon™64 processor technology with the strengths of the NVIDIA nForce3 chipset performance. With AMD Athlon™64 technology, users have the benefits of not only 64-bit computing, but also high-speed processing via the internal DDR memory controller as well excelled front side bus speed through its HyperTransport™ bus.

The NVIDIA nForce3 chipset greatly amplifies the already powerful performance of the AMD Athlon™64 by increasing the HyperTransport™ bus performance. The result is dramatic improvement in overall system performance giving users the freedom to do more in a wide range of application environments. Whether it's audio and video encoding, advanced gaming, or computer-aided design, the GA-K8NSNXP can handle all these demanding tasks with unparalleled ease and speed.

The Strength of "6 Dual" Technology
The GA-K8NSNXP is based on Gigabyte's highly distinguished "6 Dual" Technology. Gigabyte's "6 Dual" Technology comprises of six distinct features aimed at enhancing system performance, stability, safety and convenience. Gigabyte's Dual Power System (DPS) functions to improve platform performance while the Dual Cooling system aims to increase system stability through the decrease in thermal concerns. Native DUAL RAID includes Serial ATA RAID and ATA133 RAID for increased performance in data access as well as providing greater storage capacity and security. Gigabyte's patented DualBIOS™ provides a back-up BIOS to repair the damaged main BIOS, as in the case of a virus attack. The Dual LAN design gives users the ease of using their PC as a home gateway as well as allowing for quick data transfer from WAN to LAN. Finally, the Dual CPU bandwidth of the AMD 64-bit computing platform provides double the processing power for next generation applications. Feel the difference with Gigabyte's "6 Dual" technology.

All the Peripheral Connectivity You Desire
The GA-K8NSNXP also offers a full range of connectivity such as Dual LAN, IEEE 1394b, USB2.0 and Serial ATA. The onboard Gigabit LAN controller and 10/100 Ethernet controller allows for immediate network connectivity as well as providing rapid data transfer between WAN and LAN. For simple data connectivity between computers, peripherals and consumer electronics, users have the choice of either USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394b. The IEEE 1394b builds on the strengths of IEEE 1394a by offering an increased data transfer rate of up to 800Mbps over lengths of up to 100 meters. The GA-K8NSNXP also offers a total of eight USB 2.0 ports for immediate plug-in and use of peripherals with transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. For connection of storage devices, 4 Serial ATA ports are offered giving users the option of RAID configuration to improve data performance and security.

8-Channel Audio with Universal Audio Jack (UAJ) design
For music or movie lovers, the GA-K8NSNXP comes with 8-channel audio for stereo surround sound, as well as the Universal Audio Jack (UAJ) for hassle-free audio input installation. The 8-channel audio brings cinematic audio effect to the desktop platform and provides unprecedented enjoyment during gaming and movie watch.

GA-K8NSNXP Main Specifications
  • Supports AMD Athlon64 Processor (Socket 754)
  • NVIDIA nForce 3 250 Chipset
  • AGP 8x/4x, 5 PCI slot
  • DDR400/333 with 3 DIMMs, support up to 3GB registered memory
  • DPVRM (Dual Power Voltage Regulator Module) for Dual Power System (DPS-K8)
  • Dual LAN (Gigabit Ethernet + Fast Ethernet Connection)
  • 4 Serial-ATA interface
  • GigaRAID IDE RAID interface
  • 3 IEEE1394b ports (T.I. solution)
  • 8 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • 8-channel AC97 audio with Universal Audio Jack
  • 2 Ultra ATA133 Connectors
  • DualBIOS™
  • Xpress™ Installation, Xpress™ Recovery, Smart FAN, EasyTuneTM4

The Complete Product Line Is Ready
Accompanying Gigabyte's flagship model K8NSNXP is a complete line of nForce3 250 platforms, including the K8NS Pro, K8NS to fulfill the requirement of different applications and system configurations. With excellent performance and functionality, this product series presents the best choice in AMD AthlonTM64 platforms.