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SCSI RAID mode limitations:

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  1. S3 (suspend to RAM) mode is not supported if operating system is installed under SCSI RAID controller.
  2. Win98 and WinME is not supported.
  3. Only RAID mode 0, and 1 are supported.
  4. Please press Control & A key during SCSI RAID ROM boot up to select normal SCSI or RAID mode.
  5. Default mode of SCSI controller on this version of bios is at RAID mode. Please press Control & A key to disable RAID mode first before booting into Windows if your operating system is already installed under this SCSI controller.
  6. Please use drivers from Gigabyte website for SCSI RAID mode only. Driver CD (IUCD) only contains drivers for SCSI mode, not SCSI RAID mode.
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