GIGABYTE announces Universal motherboard -GA-6VTX, supports Intel newest 0.13 micron Socket 370 Pentium III Processors

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd, a leading highperformance motherboard manufacturer, islaunching an enhanced model, GA-6VTX, anUniversal motherboard supports the currentand future Intel Pentium III and othercompatible processors.

Designed with VIA Apollo Pro133T chipset,it delivers great quality at an exceptional valueand provides the ideal solution for futureupgrades of processors up to 1.13GHz andabove. Incorporated with the latest SouthBridge VT82C686B, GA-6VTX also supportsUltra DMA 100 Bus Master interface whichprovides an excellent and faster connectionfor IDE devices. In order to provide a clearidentification for the end user, Gigabyte usesblue socket so the end users can easily tellwhat kind of processors they can use. TheGA-6VTX is also named as Blue Thunder. What more important is that theGA-6VTX is backward compatible, it means this board can support the existingprocessors without any problems.

To optimize the system's performance, Gigabyte provides 2 superior utilities,EasyTuneTM III and @BIOSTM. EasyTuneTM III is a Windows based program.Which allows the user to easily overdrive the PC without the need to meddle withjumper settings. @BIOSTM is another Windows based utility for updating newBIOS upgrades via the Internet. With only a few clicks, the user can update thelatest BIOS.

For hardware hobbyists, the GA-6VTX gives overclocking options through offeringmultiple bus speed and multiple CPU voltage setting. There are more features,such as: AC 97 audio, one AMR slot, 3 DIMMs, one AGP 4X slot, infraredconnector, wake-on-lan, external/internal modem wake-up and 4 USB ports (2ports by optional USB cable ), 5 PCI slots, one ISA slot.

Equipped with these features, GA-6VTX delivers advanced technology, greatquality and is your perfect choice for high-performance and cost-effective solution.