GIGABYTE Exclusive—ATI's First Discrete Chipset RX330 Motherboard

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., the world wide leader of high performance motherboards, today proudly unveils the P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard. The GA-8TRX330-L, powered by ATI's first discrete motherboard chipset RX330, is ATI exclusive develop for Gigabyte. With the wide range of rich functions, the specification of RX330 can compete with current Intel® 865PE based chipset motherboard, and is the best alternative for the high cost / performance motherboard.Although ATI is a relative newcomer in the motherboard field, they nevertheless offer a full range of Intel's new platform solutions. Gigabyte has phased in the first exclusive discrete chipset for P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard, and with the mainstream's specification, The Gigabyte P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard offers excellent performance at an affordable price.The Gigabyte P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L motherboard, adopting the latest ATI RX330 chipset and supporting Intel® latest 90nm Pentium 4 Prescott CPU with Hyper-Threading Technology, 800Mhz Front Side Bus (FSB), and dual channel DDR400, delivers lethal performance and rock solid stability. The Gigabyte P4 TitanTM GA-8TRX330-L provides a broad range of peripheral connections - high speed serial ATA of storage devices, high quality Ethernet connection and 6 channel audio outputs. With the GA-8TRX330-L, Gigabyte delivers Pentium 4 Prescott power on a rock solid platform.P4 Titan™ GA-8TRX330-L main features:
  • Powered by ATI RX330 and SB300 chipset
  • 800/533/400 MHz FSB with Hyper-Threading Technology and intel® 90nm CPU support
  • Dual channel DDR400/333/266 memory support
  • Serial ATA function
  • AGP 8X graphics interface
  • 10/100Mbps network connection
  • 6 channel AC'97 audio
  • 8 USB2.0 ports
  • 5x PCI slots
  • ATX form factor