• Dynamic status OLED display
  • GamePlay™ Wireless Technology
  • 50 hours continuous game play
  • 6500dpi twin-eye laser engine
  • Uranium is a silver-gray metallic element, represented by the symbol U in the periodic table. Under certain conditions it can readily be split, yielding tremendous amount of energy and heat. Aivia Uranium is your professional gaming gear, delivering extraordinary power to all your game plays.

  • GHOST™ Macro Station

    GHOST™ Macro Station is your control center built for pro-gaming task, functions as dynamic status display, hot-switchable macro system and instant charging dock.

    Dynamic Display Mode
    The display screen on GHOST Macro Station dynamically update and display the current DPI value, report rate, gaming profiles, and battery life of the mouse. Allows you to catch the live data and stay the optimal status while intense gaming.

    Live Editing Mode
    The live setup system of GHOST Macro Station enables you to re-assign macro hotkeys and pre-set the DPI value for each on-the-fly adjustment to meet the present in-game situation without leave your game.

  • GamePlay™ Wireless Technology

    Lag-free & Risk-free Macro Recording
    Introducing GIGABYTE patent pending technology, built-in GHOST™ macro engine onto wireless receiver guarantee no time lag and signal loss even while recording or executing a complex macro.

    1000Hz report rate, performs as good as corded
    1ms response time ensures your commands are executed without any delays!

  • Nonstop Gaming Experience

    2X Battery Life Performance Higher
    Powered by two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, Aivia Uranium supports continuous battery life of over 50hrs in the wireless game plays.

    Instant Charging Device
    For times you actually run out the batteries, simply pull out the charging cable for instant power supply. You can still use the mouse while charging.

  • Twin-eye Gaming Laser Sensor

    State of the art laser technology gives the twin-eye laser sensor an unprecedented edge over standard optical sensors. Extremely precise and accurate tracking coupled with low power consumption for the ultimate gaming package.

  • Dual Functional Wheel Controller

    The mouse wheel offers 4-directional scrolling and also works as D-pad controller for OLED on-screen operation.

  • 10 Programmable Buttons

    Equipped with 10 programmable buttons, including 2 mouse buttons located just next to your forefinger offer an effortless execution of any immediate gaming commands.

  • Advanced User’s Interface

    Intuitive GHOST™ Macro Engine
    GHOST™ macro engine which features intuitive interface allows you to pre-define and switch between keys or buttons easily to match the latest PC gaming titles.


    Key Mapping
    The shortcut of key mapping functionally allows user to switch a keystroke on the mouse button through on- screen setting on GHOST Macro Station without installing application, offering an instant definition for hotkeys.

  • On-the-fly DPI Switching

    800/1600/3200/5600 4-Stage DPI adjustable switch with 4-Stage LED indicators for on-the-fly DPI adjustment

    * Hardware based sensitivity up to 5600dpi / software enhanced up to 6500dpi.
  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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