What Is APB in Face Recognition?

What’s APB (Anti-Passback)? Is There Any Relation to Face Recognition?
Wiktionary defines Anti-Passback (APB) -
APB is a security mechanism preventing an access card or similar device from being used to enter an area a second time without first leaving it (so that the card cannot be passed back to a second person who wants to enter).

In other words, if the "in" and "out" transactions of controlled area are not recorded properly by the system at the same time to become a “complete” one, you will not be authorized to re-entry next time. Therefore, at this area, it is necessary to have both security devices interconnected within the system to determine the authority.
Face biometrics, as a hard-to-replicate passkey, is perfect for Anti-Passback (APB) mechanism. By applying recognition technology to security devices, users no longer "transfer" passkey (traditionally such as access card, Token... and so on) to others for security authorization. Also you need a powerful back-end management console to record and display all the transaction that have occurred in the area for further tracing.

For example, if trailing happens in the control zone, he or she will be stopped at checking point with an “incomplete” record of the APB system and retained modified data with the administrator's intervention.
GIGABYTE introduces AI face recognition solution with APB functionality and AIO (all-in-one) devices equipped to control sensitive areas. Not only is a single point for in-and-out of area, but multi-entry access points can be set up by administrator as groups to define for calculating complete records. Also, through the data of entry and exit of personnel, the system can issue a warning for abnormal stay. 《Glossary: What is Artificial Intelligence?

For security management tool, the complete solution is the main reason to attract customers. GIGABYTE will continue provide amazing products to meet the market's needs. 
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