• Advanced real 8200 DPI resolution laser sensor
  • Optimized for speed + control performancer
  • Customizable center of gravity to fit your best hand balancer
  • Built-in GHOST™ macro engine, 70macros on the go
  • The Aivia Krypton gaming mouse features a revolutionary new dual mouse chassis design which allows for a hot-swappable mouse chassis giving the user unparalleled freedom by changing fundamental mouse movement and dynamics to best fit the application at hand. Aivia Krypton further enables maximum control and flexibility by giving users the option to customize the center of gravity and weight of the mouse. GHOST Macro engine with built-in 32KB memory for onboard Macro memorization and gaming on the go.

  • Hot-swappable Mouse Chassis

    Speed Chassis

    The Speed Chassis features an abrasion-free ceramic foundation focused on quick movements, immediate reaction, and extraordinary speed.

    Control Chassis

    The Control Chassis utilizes an ultra smooth Teflon foundation which ensures precision movements for maximum control.

    Maximize your Krypton with Krypton Mat
    Krypton dual-sided mouse pad was developed simultaneously with Krypton gaming mouse. It features two distinctive surfaces to fit all type games. Learn More

  • Exclusive Weight Tuning System
    Customizable Center of Gravity 
    Revolutionary weight distribution system allows user to adjust the center of gravity for maximum control and flexibility.
    Weight Adjustment Case 
    1.8g/5.3g weights allows you to adjust to the optimal weigh and balance
    Weigh increase 1.8g ~ 39g
    35 weight adjustable combination

    Weight distribution for different users’habit

    Right Hand -oriented Left Hand -oriented Palm Hold-oriented Claw Grip -oriented
  • Built-in GHOST™ Macro Engine

    Intuitive GHOST™ Macro Engine
    GHOST™ macro engine which features intuitive interface allows you to pre-define and switch between keys or buttons easily for latest PC gaming titles.



    5 gaming profiles on the go 
    Profile switch at your fingertips enables you to switch between 5 different gaming profiles. Up to 70 macros memorization for the gamer on the go.

  • Powerful Gaming Gear With Symmetrical Design

    Top of the line laser sensor

    Advanced laser sensor supports up to 8200dpi resolution and 150ips tracking speed.



    Quick switch between right-hand and left-hand mode 
    Press and hold both profile switch buttons for 3 seconds, the mouse will be switched between Left-Hand and Right-Hand operation modes.

  • Best for 4K (UHD) Monitor Devices

    With GIGABYTE 4K Best Mice, you can control your characters easily with your UHD (3840 x 2160) monitor, without moving your mouse several times just to reach the target. *To know more about GIGABYTE 4K Best Mice, please visit: 4K BEST MOUSE

  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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