• One-piece rubber sheet design
  • Enlarged elastic rubber dome
  • Enhanced frame structure
  • Water-resistant
  • Built with Reinforced Frame Structure

    FORCE K3 built with 4-layer structure features more solid body than conventional membrane keyboard. Extra chassis improves drop resistance and increase durability.

  • One-piece Rubber Membrane Design

    Instead of single separated rubber dome, FORCE K3 adopts one-piece rubber membrane that prevents being misaligned by dropping.

  • Improved Tactile Feedback

    Enlarged elastic rubber dome offers more stable contact and ensures fast and reliable tactile feedback during your intense gaming session.

  • Easily Find WASD and Arrow Keys

    Bright enlarged printing on WASD and arrow keycaps for better visibility
    Let you easily find WASD and arrow keys at a glance.

  • Extending Rest Area for Better Comfort

    Extending rest area supports your left hand while holding on WASD keys and keeps your wrist in a comfortable typing posture.

  • Water Resistant

    The drain hole at the bottom helps liquid draining out and protects keyboard against accidental spills.

  • Adjustable Feet Stands

    Non-slick rubber feet prevents slipping. Adjustable keyboard tilt by extending the feet stands allows you to find personal optimal wrist position.

  • Durable Key Press Lifespan

    Superior materials improve durability offering ultra-durable 10 million key press lifespan that contributes consistent long-term performance.

  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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