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🎉 Instagram Celebration Sweepstakes

Thank you for following us. We appreciate your lovely support in this community. We enjoy creating engaging content for you from time to time so we can read your wonderful comments and discussions. As our Instagram account (@gigabyte_official) hits one million followers (thanks to all of you), we'd like to celebrate a little, and continue our trend to engage and have fun with all our fans.

Play our #GIGABYTE1M filter game, show your "hidden tech identity", and you will have a shot at winning one of our amazing prizes.

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What You Can Win
🎁 GIGABYTE B550 Vision D Motherboard x 1 
🎁 Apple HomePod x 1 
🎁 Apple AirPods Pro x 2 
🎁 Google Nest Mini (Gen 2) x 4
Help us add to the jackpot!
🎁 GIGABYTE Z490 Vision G x 1 if the number of @gigabyte_official Instagram fans increases by 10k during the event. 
🎁GIGABYTE AERO15 SB Laptop x1 if the number of @gigabyte_official Instagram fans increases by 50k during the event.
🎁 GIGABYTE NVMe SSD 1TB x 1 every time the event post gets 10K likes during the event, we will give out one SSD. (e.g. 20k likes for SSD x 2, 30K likes for SSD x 3 ) This SSD bonus giveaway will be limited to 10 SSD.

🏆 Winner Announcement

✨GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER | @dragonball_2020168
✨GIGABYTE B550 VISION D | @mickeyofyourlife
✨Apple HomePod | @rk24040
✨Apple AirPods Pro | @an.ish1889 | @star_bhaman420
✨Google Nest Mini 2 | @richard_edwardiii | @rommsssssss | @jerrylameon | @tabsssssssss
✨GIGABYTE Z490 VISION G | @weezy.lane
✨GIGABYTE NVME SSD 1TB | @vawelentin_cologne
Play the Filter Made for Million


“Upgrade Your Life” is the core essence in everything we do at GIGABYTE. Just like how we kept you engaged and entertained on social, we wanted our products and solutions to be the same. We believe only technology made for you will speak to you. As there are people taking on different roles in the tech industry, we promise that GIGABYTE will always be there to accompany your career journey.
  • Server

    GIGABYTE offers comprehensive server products and data center solutions encompassing applications such as 5G, AI, cloud, big data, data security, and advanced cooling solutions etc.
    GIGABYTE servers can be found in
    #AI #HPC #Data Center

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  • Embedded

    GIGABYTE's industry experience and our product expertise allowed us to continue providing innovative solutions to decrease labor and time costs while increasing economic values in different vertical markets.
    GIGABYTE Embedded solutions can be found in
    #Retail #Enterprise #Education

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  • Laptop

    GIGABYTE's AERO series laptops have received praise from media and users and fulfilled a wide variety of needs ranging from professional work, media entertainment, and high-end gaming.
    GIGABYTE laptops can be found in
    #Content Creation #Mobile Workstation #Gaming

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  • 3D Depth Sensing

    GIGABYTE's business venture in 5G includes integrating AI smart in optical technologies, and using ToF (Time of Flight) 3D depth sensing to retrieve area information to achieve security and monitoring without intruding personal privacy.
    GIGABYTE 3D Depth Sensing can be found in
    #Retail #Education #Healthcare

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    3D Depth Sensing

  • PC & Component

    GIGABYTE is a world leader in motherboards and graphics cards, and holds the same quality standards in our PC accessories in keyboards and mice. Our product line also includes world's first-and-only tactical monitors, and fit-for-all mini PCs.
    GIGABYTE PC & Components can be found in
    #Gaming #Content Creation #Streaming

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    PC ComponentsMini-PC Barebone

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