I found the information on your website that is mentioned about your nFORCE 3 250/Ultra K8 motherboard supports nVIDIA firewall utility. But, after I get the utiltiy and try to install it in my system, there is a error message om my screen and stop softwware installation. How can I get the firewall feature with my K8 motherboard?

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Please kindly follow the procedure to install nVIDIA firewall utility:
  1. Before software installation, please make sure your motherboard comes with nFORCE 3 250/Ultra chipset and nVIDIA LAN PHY.
  2. Please make sure onboard nVIDIA LAN PHY is enabled by related BIOS option. You can find the option under Integrated Peripherals section of BIOS Setup Program later.
  3. Please make sure you have installed nVIDIA chipset driver that we provide in the driver CD.
  4. If you have installed nVIDIA LAN driver or not yet, please try to update/install the LAN driver with the file is included into nVIDIA firewall utility via Device Manager of Windows.
  5. After driver installation, please restart Windows.
  6. When you get into Windows again, please execute nVIDIA firewall utility setup program and follow the instruction as you see on the screen to finish the software installation.
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