• Highly Recommended Award

    This is one of the most desirable situations on the test - when everything you think goes as it should "from the first." Great merit for this goes to the expense of the phenomenal Z390 AORUS PRO motherboard. It is actually an ideal measure of value for a motherboard designed for more advanced users. More
    Benchmark.rs 2019/02
  • Gamers Choice Award

    eTeknix 2018/12
  • Best Quality Award

    At the sub-$200 level, you would never expect to find a Z390 motherboard with this level of quality. More
    Tweaktown 2018/12
  • Editor's Choice

    It's easy to deal with the challenges of overclocking, I think it looks great with or without RGB bulbs and has a very respectable amount of ports and interfaces. The Z390 AORUS PRO is challenging the competition and, as it now seems, is also leading it in the rising price trend. More
    Hardware zone 2018/12

  • Highly Recommended

    Overall the Z390 Aorus Pro is a solid board and has enabled me to get the most out of my 9900K. Not only did it perform well, but it also looked great on my test bench. This board is an exceptional mid-range board with the performance that you would expect from Aorus branded boards. Great job Gigabyte! More
    Proclockers 2018/12
  • Must Have

    I can honestly say Gigabyte did a great job on the Z390 Aorus Pro. It has a simple and attractive design. Little things such as using more neutral colors and removing the accent lighting strip changed the entire aesthetic of their motherboards. More
    MODDERS INC. 2018/12
  • Recommended

    In front of you is not the most expensive Z390-board, which is suitable even for assembling a powerful system unit using the 8-core processor Coffee Lake Refresh. This device received the award "3DNews recommends." More
    3DNews 2018/12
  • Gold Award

    The Z390 AORUS Pro motherboard is another fine product in GIGABYTE's AORUS motherboard line. It incorporates the newer styling that GIGABYTE is using to differentiate its board lines from one another, while integrating many of the features from past revisions of the Intel boards. More
    PC Perspective.com 2018/11

  • Excellent Award

    In terms of power supply Gigabyte clearly knows: the Z390 Aorus Pro was not 60 degrees in our test, where both the Asus and the MSI went to 80. Gigabyte also supplies the most USB ports behind and also as the only two SSD coolers. The Gigabyte and MSI boards have more outward appearance than the partly white Asus Prime, which is the only one of these three that does not have an integrated i / o-shield and does not support addressable rgb. More
    Hardware.info 2018/11
  • Gold

    If you are interested in assembling your gaming device is a fast storage media, such as NVM, a lot of USB ports, a little RGB lighting, and the rate of high altitudes with games and stability of the system performance in the process of breaking the speed of processor. this board offers the performance, features and nominated for you to be your choice within the stated price. More
    HardwareField 2018/11
  • Editor’s choice, Best of the year and Remarkable

    The biggest advantage of Z390 AORUS MASTER motherboard's VRM design, supporting eight and ninth generation Intel processor. Thanks to VRM design by regulating voltages, notherboard achieves to work to 5GHz in lower temperature. More
    PC HOCASI 2018/11
  • DD’s recommended award

    We definitely recommend this motherboard. For reasonable money, it offers excellent functional design, solid equipment. It can handle even the huge demands of the new 9700K / 9900K. More
    ddworld 2018/10

  • Buy recommendation

    very good performance; moderne und ausgereifte Technik; M2, USB 3.1; SLI- und CrossFireX-Unterstützung; processing; durchdachtes Layout; recht extensive and oversichtliches UEFI-Bios; OC-Features; anpassbare RGB-Beleuchtung; fairerer Preis More
    Gamezoom.net 2018/10

    HWBOX 2018/10
  • Sexy Looks Award

    HWBOX 2018/10
  • Compragamer Silver

    Z390 Pro could be the best choice of this range of mothermoard, due to the high price-performance ratio. More
    Compragamer 2018/10

  • We Recommend Award

    WhatNext.pl 2018/10
  • Recommendation Award

    ithardware.pl 2018/10
  • Quality Award

    ithardware.pl 2018/10
  • ITH Rate – 4,5 Stars Award

    ithardware.pl 2018/10