How to use VIVO function?

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Please verify VIVO support in your graphics card first of all. If it does, install the latest driver for your graphics card, then install its WDM driver to enable VIVO function. Secondly, install Cyberlink PowerDirector ver. 3.0 or up.
When you click the "Capture" button, PowerDirector enter Capture mode, in which you can capture media from a variety of devices.
In Capture mode, the program appears as the follows:
What's more, please check out your capture source. In general, the media sources comprise the following item:
  1. Television (requires a TV Tuner card):
    • Connect the TV cable to the Tuner port of the TV Tuner card.
    • Connect the audio cable from the Audio Out of the TV Tuner card to the Line In port of the sound card. If your sound card has no Line In port, try the Microphone port.
  2. Video Tape Recorder (VCR), V8, DV (requires TV Tuner card or video capture card):
    • Connect the AV connector or video cable of the VCR to the Video In of the video capture card. And if your VCR, V8 or DV supports S-Video output, connect S-Video connector to the S-Video In port of the graphics card.
    • Connect the audio cable of the VCR, V8 or DV to the Line In of the sound card. If your sound card has no Line In port, try the Microphone port.
  3. DV(recommend to use IEEE1394 card)
    • Check out if the power of DV is turned on, and enter VCR mode; moreover, make sure FireWire cable connect well.
Once the correct connections have been made, launch PowerDirector. Go to Capture Mode, and select Analog Video Capture. If more than one capture source is available, you can choose which one you want by clicking on the Video Setup icon. Furthermore, when capturing media by VIVO-based graphics card, you could chose two ways, including Composite (COMP-IN) and SVideo(SVID-IN). Afterward please click the play button of captured devices, and click the red REC button between Capture preview window and Capture device selection area.
When you got the media you need, click the red REC button again to stop capturing. And then the media clips will be loaded into Capture clips area automatically.
Once you click the "Edit" button to return Edit mode, the media clips will be loaded into Library immediately.
At this moment in time, you can expand a series of outstanding editing experience to fill you life with boundless possibility. (For more detail about movie editing function of PowerDirector, please refer to user's guide, or visit Cyberlink website for official technical support.
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