How to enable 4K@120Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

All the existing UHD 4K gaming monitors support 4K@120Hz on PS5 and Xbox Series X, please stick to following steps to enable the function.First of all, make sure the game title supports 120Hz refresh rate.

1. Update PS5 firmware to the latest version (release date after 2021/4/14)
2. Turn to Settings and select Screen and Video
3. Turn on Enable 120Hz Output in Video Output section
4. Done. 

Xbox Series X
1. Enter General and select TV & display options
2. Change Resolution to 4K UHD and Refresh Rate to 120Hz in the display section
3. Done. 

Support list of 4K UHD@120Hz Gaming Monitor (until 2021/4/16): AORUS FI32U, AORUS FV43U, AORUS FO48U, GIGABYTE M28U, GIGABYTE M32U
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