World Wide 1st Gaming Keystroke Keyboard
  • Enhanced Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard Design- 3 different levels of force
  • Touch Panel Media Control
  • 20 Anti-Ghosting Keys
  • GHOST™ Macro Engine on the go
  • Blue LED Backlight Illumination with On/Off Switch
  • Enhanced Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard
    3 Different Level Gaming Keystroke
    Considering the gaming habits, there are 3 different levels of key force allocated on specific areas of keyboard that optimize your keyboarding experience in gaming

    Full-sized Wrist Rest
    Detachable full-size wrist rest with ergonomic design ensures the utmost in comfortable typing dynamics.

    Touch Panel Media Control
    Intuitive touch-controlled media hotkeys to access media function

    To avoid any interference, please keep the touch area clear and place the keyboard away from any electrical device including electrical cable. Placing K8100 at least 10cm away from the source of electromagnetic interference is highly recommended. *Distance depends on strength of the interference.
  • Anti-ghosting Keys Capability


    K8100 V2 anti-ghosting keys capability enables you to press up to 20keys simultaneously without creating any conflict.

    Never be hindered again on the battlefield as you twist, weave, and decimate your enemies.
  • Built in GHOST Macro Engine


    Intuitive GHOSTTM Macro Engine
    GHOST macro engine which features intuitive interface allows you to pre-define and switch between macro keys easily for latest PC gaming titles.



    5 gaming profiles on the go
    Profile switch and 5 macro hotkeys at your fingertips enables you to switch between 5 different gaming profiles. Up to 70 macros memorization for the gamer on the go.

  • Superior Design & Ultra Quality
    Two-way Cord Out for More Flexibility
    1.8m Cotton Braided Cord
    with Gold-plated USB Connector
    Two USB2.0 Hub Separately Located
    on Each Side of the Keyboard
    *Make sure to connect your K8100 V2 directly to the USB2.0 port on PC panel.
    On/Off Backlight Switch
  • Hand-Comfort Guide
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