Direct Liquid Cooling

Efficient cooling and reducing energy consumption are crucial for modern high-performance computing. As power becomes the main constraint for data centers, direct-to-chip liquid cooling (DLC) not only conserves energy used for cooling but also ensures stable peak performance even in dense computing configurations.

GIGABYTE Direct Liquid Cooling offers comprehensive solutions, from servers optimized for DLC applications to components for easy maintenance. GIGABYTE provides a verified platform for all use cases, including proof of concept (POC), small-scale adoption, and full-scale data center deployment.
DLC Rack - 22U 14.5kW
  • Supports up to 14U EIA servers
  • Liquid-to-Air CDU
  • Up to 14.5kW of cooling capacity
  • Supports 1+1 redundant total power up to 17.3 kVA
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