Want Higher Performance, Need Better Cooling on Laptops

A better cooling system need to check on 4 items, better fan design, enough heatpipes, stronger heatshink layout and good vents for better heat dissipation performance. These 4 design determinate the final performance of the laptop systems.
High Performance Laptops Need Special Cooling Systems
Normally when you go to buy your high performance laptop, you focus on the CPU and GPU specs, because obviously you’re looking for speed, power and price. However, unless you’re an experienced user or hardcore gamer, you usually overlook the design of the laptop, especially the cooling design. This can end up being a costly thing to overlook. In this article we’ll cover the four things you need to have to ensure you have the right cooling system for your high performance desktop replacement. 

The four things you need to ensure are up to the highest standards are:
• Fan design
• Number of heat pipes (more is better)
• Strength of heat sink
• Well-designed vents
These four things ultimately impact long term health and performance of your laptop.
How Cooling System Enhance the CPU and GPU Performance
For example, if you want to buy the latest Core i7-10875H CPU and RTX 2070 SUPER graphic card combo gaming laptop, but it only comes with dual slim fans and 2~3 heat pipes, it will easily drive CPU or GPU over 90-95˚C (194F – 205F). That means you’re dealing with the trigger temperature which makes CPU and GPU chug and decreases the clock and performance. Plus, it will cause damage to internal components over time.
If you want the laptop to keep up the very highest performance, you need to choose a stronger cooling system to make it stable and cool at same time. So a better cooling system will take over more space and weight to make the laptop become bigger and heavier. This is why higher level gaming laptops are often heavier than normal slim gaming notebooks, it’s important to drive the higher SPEC. products with better performance by stronger cooling system design. Basically to have more longevity and better performance you’re going to have a thicker and heavier design.
A better cooling system is the key to get higher performance on high level CPU and GPU notebooks.
At Least 5 Heat pipes and powerful fans for the 8 Cores i7/i9 CPU and RTX Graphics Laptops
Higher specs and higher prices aren’t a guarantee of premium performance. Just because a laptop has an 8 core i7/i9 CPU and the latest RTX graphic card doesn’t mean the machine will meet all the reported benchmarks over time. Many of the mainstream laptops you see with these specs have poor cooling systems, so you tend to get a burst of high performance when the laptop is brand new. Then after a few months of hard core gaming, you will notice a severe drop in performance. This is because many manufacturers skimp on the cooling system design in order to keep the prices low. But in the long run, it costs you more to have a laptop that fails over time due to poor cooling and design. Not enough air flow, not enough heat pipes, poor heat sink, and bad thermal layout causes your investment to fail.
Dual larger 5.5cm~7cm fans and 5 heat pipes in a slim gaming notebook is the perfect design for 8 Cores CPU and RTX graphics on gaming laptops. This combination supports the 150W of the TDP request for CPU and GPU loading, and fan boost is stronger to resolve the heat from all kinds of Burn-In tests.
The WINDFORCE Infinity cooling system on AORUS series designed with 71/51 blade 12V powerful fans for stronger airflow ability.
So if your laptops has only 4 (or less) heat pipes, and smaller fans are’t able to resolve the heat issue from the CPU and GPU boosting works. In turn, the clock drops on both CPU and GPU, and you will have poor performance, even with lower temperatures because of lower clocks.
How to Resolve the Overheat or Low Performance Issue
1. Choose a laptop with a proper cooling design at the get go, otherwise even an air conditioner won’t help much later on. 
2. Use the Control Center or similar utility software to check your fan mode or performance mode.
3. If you want the laptop be cool and quiet, please set to Quiet Mode or Power Saving Mode.
4. If you want higher performance and do not care about noise, set on Gaming Mode or Overclock Mode.
5. If you like to keep your keyboard side cool as always, turn the fan speed to highest level to keep it calm. Note: Your fans will be loud doing this.
The Quiet Mode on AORUS Control Center brings lower heat and lower noise at same time. Only around 41% of the fan speed.
High performance laptop fan speed is about 6000~7000rpm on premium products, if the cooling design is good, that will handle the highest temperature from the CPU or GPU around 85~90˚C, because that will keep your laptop CPU and GPU stable at its highest performance.
Most of the poor cooling design laptops used to drop the CPU and GPU clock to prevent overheating, so that’s why they have good SPECs., but not good results from media reviews or user experience.
For extreme gaming laptops, set the control app to “Gaming Mode” is one simple way, or manually set the fan speed at 100% speed and boost all of the Overclock function from the software UI to have the highest performance and less heat.
The Gaming Mode by AORUS Control Center set on aggressive fan control up to 85% of the fan speed.
AORUS & AERO Series with WINDFORCE Infinity with the Best Fan design
The AORUS 17XAORUS 17G and AORUS 15G have the industry’s most powerful cooling design. GIGABYTE uses it’s engineering expertise to ensure that every part of the laptop design is state of the art. Like a powerful car engine needs a better gearbox and platform for a racing car, the cooling design and overall chassis design will also influence the user experience and final temperature from the laptop chassis.
That is why the GIGABYTE Notebook team designed much more than pure hardware control form it’s Control Center with “Gaming Mode”, “Normal Mode” and “Silent Mode” for power users. Silent Mode applies very stable and good performance, helping things stay cooler and quieter for daily office works or normal loading games.
WINDFIRCE Infinity is one of the best cooling solution for slim gaming laptops.
The Exclusive AZURE AI to Make Your Laptop Smarter
For users who do not know how to adjust power settings and other special control settings, GIGABYTE created the best AI control software with Microsoft Azure AI. One click enables the deep performance utility to make the CPU and GPU boost up their performance automatically, balances power consumption.
This means users don’t have to deal with the frustration to create the right settings for their personal use of software and get the maximum performance out of their machine with a simple click on the settings in the Edge AI.
Once you buy the AORUS series gaming laptop, you also buy the smartest deep performance control paired with the most powerful cooling design to the best performing desktop replacement that stays cool, stable and power efficient.
Learn more about Microsoft Azure AI
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