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One Stop Solution
Data centers must be reimagined if they are to sustain the compute performance required to continue quantum leaps in discoveries and provide timely insights. To keep pace, GIGABYTE has researched and developed a new approach that goes beyond air cooled infrastructure, and into a method that dissipates heat better, Single-phase Immersion Cooling. This has proven to be more energy efficient and scalable for deployments across the globe, while being environmentally friendly and safe. For this new approach, GIGABYTE has created a one stop solution.
Charting a New Path with Advanced Cooling

Reliability, availability, and serviceability are all traits found in the best data centers of today and tomorrow. As IT hardware and technology continue to improve, they are also making it tough for current data centers to be sustainable with the traditional fans, HVAC, and hot/cold aisles.

Why? A major reason - increase in rack power density. For each new generation of chips, the die size is shrunk while the number of transistors has increased, and this translates to higher performance, but also more heat. For instance, a GPU dense server can support CPUs and GPUS up to 300W TDP each component, but new generations of hardware are increasing the TDP by 25% or more, which is unsustainable in the same footprint. Consequently, servers are reaching thermal limitations. To maintain the same hardware density, a more efficient cooling approach is needed.

Data center architects realize this and quantify this efficiency using power usage effectiveness (PUE). PUE is a ratio that compares how much power enters the data center to the power delivered to IT equipment. Ideally, the PUE value would be 1.0; however, traditional air-cooled data centers achieve a PUE of ~1.65, which isn’t horrible, but it shows room for improvement. Single-phase immersion cooling can achieve a PUE in the ballpark of 1.02-1.03.

How it Works

Single-phase immersion cooling redefines the data center from how IT equipment is cooled to the reduction in the amount and complexity of the data center infrastructure. By submerging IT equipment into a dielectric liquid bath, heat is removed faster than air while no damage or degrading occurs to all components. The liquid coolant with a higher specific heat capacity than air can quickly remove the heat. The heat given off by CPUs, GPUs, and other components is transferred directly to the liquid or via a heatsink. The warm liquid is then pumped out by a coolant distribution unit (CDU) or dry cooler. In the CDU cases, a second transfer occurs as the heat is then transferred to facility water. The resulting cooled coolant is pumped back into the immersion tank while the warmed water continues on to a heat exchanger to be expelled. And the cycle continues. Also, as the name implies, the fluid in the immersion tank does not change state, so there is no evaporation or condensation occurring, which ensures operator safety and allows for easy servicing of the tank and IT equipment.

▲ Heated coolant exits top of rack. Coolant returns to rack cooled at user-specified temperature.
Immersion Tank + Immersion Ready Server + Coolant + Service

Data centers are heating up. High performance and AI workloads demand a level of compute density that we haven't seen before. The power requirements demanded by modern server processors, such as AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Scalable, has more than doubled in a decade. Adding to this, accelerators have made great progress in data analytics and AI, but they too add to the power envelope in such a way that the data center just can't keep up. It's time to go back to the drawing board to create a new design.

GIGABYTE aims to give customers a hub to design and acquire all the necessary technology to deploy a single-phase immersion cooling data center. As a leader in enterprise technology, GIGABYTE has the ability to leverage current server designs to accommodate new specialized servers for immersion cooling deployments in tanks provided by GIGABYTE or its other global immersion partners. The first wave of immersion ready servers came as a result of customers' requests so it's best to contact a GIGABYTE sales representative to start the path to joining the immersion era.

Accessories and Coolants

GIGABYTE provides accessories specifically designed for its Single-phase Immersion Cooling Solution to simplify deployment. Along with the verified coolant, the complete IT solution ensures it is safe, efficient, and easy to use even for new adopters.

IT Lift

IT Lift

  • Dimension: W 1.15 x D 0.85 x H 1.53 m
  • Unit weight: 200 kg
  • Lifting load: 70 kg
  • Input power: 100-240Vac~, 50/60Hz, 3.5A
IT Dry Rack

IT Dry Rack

  • Dimension: W 1.23 x D 0.63 x H 1.25 m
  • Unit weight: 75 kg
  • Support size: EIA 19” & OCP 21” compatible
  • Server depth supported: 900 mm
  • Support space: 20 U or 20 OU
  • Load capacity: 800 kg
IT Lift


  • Shell: Immersion Cooling Fluid S3 X, Immersion Cooling Fluid S5 X
  • Exxon Mobil: SpectraSyn™ 6
  • Chevron: SynFluid® PAO 4 cST

*Recommended coolant varies depending on regions. Please contact local sales for details.

Usage Scenarios
Enterprise HPC
HPC relies on the best in compute performance from CPU architecture to accelerators and high-speed networking devices. To process large volumes of data or to run simulations and models, clusters of HPC systems must churn out results quickly and communicate effectively.
AI & Machine Learning
Training algorithms for AI applications requires a large amount of parallel processing power, delivered by dense GPU deployments. A large number of high powered GPUs produce a lot of heat, requiring high electricity bills for air cooling and air conditioning. Single-phase immersion cooling is a much more cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
5G & Edge Computing
The era of 5G will require telcos to invest more in edge computing to reduce data transfer latency. Edge data centers are often located in urban areas and have a restricted amount of space. Single-phase immersion cooling allows for a much greater density of processing capabilities in a restricted space, making it ideal for an edge computing deployment.
Blockchain & Crypto
Blockchain and crypto rely on the verification of each endpoint in a peer-to-peer network to protect information. As more and more machines are connected to the network, authentication becomes frequent and mathematical calculations getting difficult, causing the computer to generate higher heat. Single-phase immersion cooling is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.
High Frequency Trading (HFT)
High-frequency trading requires high-performance computing systems that can provide ultra-low latency to strive for timeliness. The transaction time difference of milliseconds may be profits or losses of millions of dollars. Single-phase immersion cooling can achieve higher overclocking possibilities for these extreme applications.
Why choose Single-Phase Immersion Cooling
Advantages of Single-Phase Immersion Cooling
Energy Savings
The energy $ expenditure can be reduced by as much as 90%. Lack of a need for elaborate AC infrastructure and fanless servers reduces power consumed.
Quick Deployment
The complete solution in one place streamlines the process from idea to deployment. And GIGABYTE's worldwide presence ensures localized support.
Quality & Compatibility
Immersion hardware has proven to have a longer life span and a lower failure rate. Servers and components have tested compliant with our coolants.
Increase compute density and performance in the same or smaller footprint. Modularized tanks are easy to relocate and integrate, making scaling easy.
Green Computing
Immersion cooling offers the greatest energy efficiency method for data centers; additionally, up to 90% energy savings compared to air cooling.
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