How to build the "RAIDXpert2" utility under Windows XP-32bit?

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Under the Windows desktop mode, please follow the instruction below:
  1. Find the file of [RAIDXpert2] which is under the Driver DVD data files, refer this file directory: 
  2. Run the file of [setup.exe] under the [RAIDXpert2] files
  3. Run the file of [vcredist_x86.exe] under the [RAIDXpert2] files
  4. Run the file of [xampp-win32-1.8.0-VC9_amd3.exe] under the [RAIDXpert2] files
  5. Make sure your internet explorer is [Chrome version 20, Firefox version 14, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 6] or later version, then to click [RAIDXpert2] icon on desktop will be finished.
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