GIGABYTE PX SeriesFeel the Performance, Play to the Extreme!!


June 21st 2004, Taipei-- Gigabyte's new PX (Performance Extreme) motherboard series combines the latest technologies onto one motherboard for immense computing power and functionality. It is built to support the newest LGA775 Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, as well as featuring new architectural design for greater memory, peripheral and features support. Elevate your system to the extreme with Gigabyte's PX series!What the PX Series OffersGigabyte's PX series offers a wide range of new innovations focused on boosting computer performance and versatility. Support for the newest LGA775 Intel® Pentium®4 processor means increased computing power with 1MB L2 cache as well as smooth and fast multi-tasking with Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology. As well, enjoy new-generation Dual Channel DDR2 memory architecture and receive a maximum bandwidth of 8.5GB/s for higher system responsiveness in a variety of software applications from 3D graphics animations to audio and video encoding.Gigabyte's PX series is all about peripheral connectivity from well-known industry interfaces such as USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 to next-generation interconnects like the much anticipated PCI Express. With 8 USB 2.0 and 3 IEEE 1394 ports, users are offered plenty of room for high-speed device connectivity. For storage connectivity, the PX series features Serial ATA and Intel® Matrix Storage Technology via ICH6T for superior data protection and performance flexibility.The PX series also features PCI Express, the new generation graphics interconnect that is on the lips nearly every die-hard gamer! PCI Express promises to offer the benefits of both increased bandwidth and scalability, with up to 4GB/s of one-directional and 8GB/s of concurrent bandwidth. What does this mean? It means true to life graphics rendered with unbelievable color, realism and speed! Gaming isn't really gaming without PCI Express!Along with top hardware features, Gigabyte's PX series also offers a comprehensive software package-Gigabyte's ShieldWare. Gigabyte's ShieldWare is comprised of 8 unique software programs aimed to ease and amplify users' computing experience.Finally, the PX series is not just about computing- with the Intel High Definition Audio, users can turn their system into a true home theater! Heighten your multimedia experience by enjoying the benefits of 7.1 channel surround sound as well as support for multi-streaming and audio formats such as Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic IIx technology.GIGABYTE PX Series Unique FeaturesCPU Intelligent Accelerator 2 (C.I.A. 2)The new GIGABYTE C.I.A. 2 (CPU Intelligent Accelerator 2) is now more intelligent than ever. Designed to detect CPU loading during software program's executing, and automatically adjust CPU computing power to maximize system performance according to different needs. During loading high CPU resources consumption tasks, such as video and audio encoding programs or thrilling 3D games, the CPU requires more CPU computing power; when C.I.A. 2 is enabled, it will detect the current CPU loading and automatically accelerate the CPU computing performance, thus allow programs to execute faster and smoother. On the other hand, when the programs are terminated, the CPU will return back to its initial status.Memory Intelligent Booster 2 (M.I.B. 2)GIGABYTE M.I.B. 2 (Memory Intelligent Booster 2) technology is especially designed to maximize memory performance and boost memory bandwidth up to 10% with a recommended memory module list. The innovative GIGABYTE M.I.B. 2 technology shortens memory latency time and enhances system performance without sacrificing stability.EasyTune™ 5Newly designed user interface, the EasyTune™ 5 is more powerful yet easier to use than before. With several new add on functions such as C.I.A. & M.I.B. control center, SmartFan control center; EasyTune™ 5 not only provides powerful tools to enhance system performance, but also providing tools with easier manageability.Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)Integrates all platform performance settings into a single mode, allowing users to instantly access and change the required BIOS feature settings.

System Overclock Saver (S.O.S.)Eliminates system boot-up errors by resetting an over-enhanced system back to the original factory defaults.