GIGABYTE Announces GA-6VX7+ Motherboard

GIGABYTE Introduces UniversalSocket 370 motherboard for newIntel FC-PGA CoppermineProcessor

Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd, one of the world'sleading high performance motherboard manufacturersannounces latest motherboard equipped with universalsocket 370. This latest member is based on the VIAApollo Pro family will enable the support for FSB133MHz, PC133 SDRAM, and the latest processortechnology from Intel, FA-PGA. Unlike other socket 370motherboard on the market now, which does notsupport the voltage requirement for Intel Coppermineprocessor, the GA-6VX7+ motherboard is speciallydesign to suit the low voltage Coppermine processor.Without this new voltage design, a Coppermine processor could be damaged by themotherboard.

With VIA Apollo Pro family, GA-6VX7+ will provide a system with great performanceand stability. With capability to support PC133 SDRAM memory, 133MHz FSB (FrontSide Bus), and the latest 0.18 micro FC-PGA Pentium® III processor from Intel(Coppermine), these features make this motherboard ready to support the latest Intelprocessor technology, performance gain from its PC133, and great expansibility withFSB 133MHz support. Designed to support 2X AGP graphics accelerator this chipsetfrom Intel provides great performance and compatible with the latest and greatest 2XAGP graphics accelerator cards on the market now and in the future.

Designed as the ATX form factor and great Intel VIA Apollo Pro family chipset tosupport new Intel FC-PGA Pentium® III with full speed 256KB L2 cache and IntelCeleron processor. The FSB (Front Side Bus) of GA-6VX7+ motherboard can be setto auto detect or manually to 66,75,83,100,112,124,133,140,150MHz, and multipliercan be set all to way up to 9.5X. It also supports many power-up features like powerup by keyboard, modem and LAN card. GA-6VX7+ includes 2 channel Ultra DMA 66Bus Master IDE ports, 5 PCI 2.2 compliant slots, 1 AGP 2x slot, 2 ISA slots and 3DIMM sockets to support PC133 compliant SDRAM. It is the perfect choice for thenew Intel Pentium® III FC-PGA multimedia entertainment system.