Smart Fence System

AI-Based Intrusion Detection Technique that Detects Potential Threats
High-Standard Protection Mechanism for Safety at All Times
The smart fence system is made to prevent dangerous activities in blind spots or hazardous areas; these areas are often time being left not surveilled, which will cause false access of personnel or strangers trespassing. With the system, the administrator is able to divide surveilled zones and set up an idle time for each zone. When the system detects a person entering the restricted zone or hazard, it's able to first eliminate false identification of animals or light beams, and send an immediate alert to the administrator.

Why Smart Fence System ?

  • alert_EmergencyCall
    Real-Time Alerts

    When a person attempts to enter the controlled area without permission. Automatically detected and sent alert notifications in real-time.

  • 24hr
    24 Hours Non-Stop

    Provide 24/7 nonstop security surveillance at each controlled area.

  • save_money
    Save Labor Costs

    With AI technology, it can accurately monitor blind spots or dangerous areas, which can replace traditional surveillance methods and reduce labor costs.

  • safe
    Proactive Management

    Traditionally, incidents are passively investigated. With the Smart Fence System, we can proactively prepare precautions to prevent incidents in advance.

  • display
    Easy to Operate

    No need to spend time learning complicated setup steps, intuitive web interface allows administrators to easily setting, quickly delineate detection areas.

  • Accuracy
    Reducing False Alarms

    AI-based Humanoid detection technology, can exclude animals, light and other misjudged notifications.

Smart Fence System
The smart fence system can be used in a wide range of applications. You can set up cameras on the original fence, and use software to draw a virtual warning line or area. When an intruder crosses or detects stranded behavior, the system will send warning notifications to you.

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Further Reading

【Success Case】- Implementing Smart Fence System on the Top Floor of GIGABYTE Headquarters
Implementing smart fence system on the top floor of GIGABYTE headquarters. The administrator is able to divide surveilled zones and set up an idle time for each zone. Someone doing dangerous activities at blind spots, and the system automatically detected and sent alerts in real-time, and provided an APP notifying function.
【FAQ】- Why is a smart fence system needed ?
The smart fence system was designed to provide a first line of security detection to accurately monitor blind spots or dangerous areas, which can help your organization reduce potential threats and defend against intruders.
【FAQ】- Can the smart fence system combine a buzzer or warning light for alarm notification ?
Yes, we can enhance your system's warning effect by connecting it to the buzzer and warning light through the DI/DO contact output on the IP camera.
【FAQ】- How far can the smart fence system recognize the distance ?
As long as a humanoid can be detected on the screen, the smart fence system can recognize it. With the image captured by a normal camera, the recognition distance of a camera can reach 25 meter on average.
【FAQ】- What functions are included in the web interface of the smart fence system ?
Currently, our web interface provides five main functions, including :
1. Live streaming.
2. Live streaming focal point setting.
3. Event notification list.
4. Monitoring area setting.
5. Camera addition and deletion management.
6. LINE real-time push notification setting.
【FAQ】- If I want to find the detection data of a certain time point of the previous day, is there a backup record available for query ?
Yes, you can select the event notification list in our web interface, and you can filter by the camera name, time, alert line or zone mode you are looking for, and view the event records you have filtered for data confirmation.
【FAQ】- How does the smart fence system work on cell phones ? What content will be displayed ?
Our system can be set up in conjunction with LINE on your phone. When an event occurs, you will receive the time, location, and photos captured during the event through LINE Notify's push function, allowing you to keep track of the event remotely and in real time.

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