MyelinTek Intelligent Transportation Solution

Pay-by-plate Parking, Electronic Toll Collection System

Smarter and Safer Transportation - MLSteam

AI is used in parking management and pay-by-plate, making traffic management systems smarter, safer and more collaborative capabilities. MyerlinTek MLSteam is well-integrated with GIGABYTE’s high-performance GPU servers, the operators would easily handle a large amount of traffic data processing, and AI R&D teams would construct appropriate AI models for training and management.

MLSteam for Intelligent Transportation Solution

  • AI
    Built-in Smart Transportation Model Template

    The data processing tools, AI model design, training management tools required by AI, implemented with built-in well-trained model templates, such as plate recognition, vehicle detection, trajectory tracking, vehicle counting, and traffic applications for quick deployment of the operators.

  • Integration
    Support Multi-platform GPU

    Integrate with GIGABYTE's high-performance GPU server and flexibly support multi-platform GPU cards to meet various AI research and development goals.

  • performance
    High Performance

    MyelinTek MLSteam is well-integrated on GIGABYTE high-performance GPU and storage servers, providing a well-rounded AI/ML environment.

MyelinTek MLSteam x GIGABYTE High-performance GPU Server
AI/ML Training Appliance with Multi-platform GPU

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You May Be Curious?

What solution does MyelinTek MLSteam provide for intelligent transportation?
The data processing tools required for smart transportation, the management platform for AI model design and training.
And the operators would easily and quickly deploy by the built-in AI model engine.

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