Edge Computing

Flexible, Easy-to-Maintain Server Series Optimized for 5G Edge

Intelligently Connect the World

GIGABYTE E-series servers are built and tailored to fully support edge cloud deployments on a 5G network. Edge servers need to be compact, highly efficient, and easy to maintain/service. They need to be close to data and use 5G newtorks for low latency. Thus, by having a small footprint and compatibility with various virtualization software, GIGABYTE E-series servers can provide the performance and low latency required of 5G networks.

Why Edge Servers

  • save_money
    Reduced OPEX

    With E-series servers at the edge, bandwidth consumption and operating expenses (OPEX) can be significantly reduced.

  • costdown_2
    Lower TCO

    A solution can deploy in the cloud, local data centers and base stations to reduce CAPEX and maintenance work, thereby effectively reducing TCO.

  • multi_user
    Uninterrupted Service

    Capable of operating in extreme environments with Class-A electromagnetic compatiblity and shock-resistant design ensures compliance with telecommunications standards.

  • maintenance
    Easy Access

    Modular design for front-end operation and serviceability, which enables simplification and efficiency.

  • safe
    Higher Security

    Distribute processing and storage across UE and clouds; this makes it difficult for any disruption to take down the networks.

  • high_efficiency
    Better Efficiency

    Compatible with a variety of virtualization software, while also easily configured/managed to quickly initialize a system and operation of services.

E-Series Edge Servers
Flexible, Easy-to-Maintain Server Series Optimized for 5G Edge

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You May Be Curious

What is edge computing?
Edge computing is a type of computing network architecture, where computation is moved as close to the source of data as possible, in order to reduce latency and bandwidth use.
What kind of applications are hosted on the edge server?
In terms of infrastructure services: Communication services and service registry, Radio network information services, and Traffic offload function In terms of application services: eMBBmMTC, and URLLC
Where can I buy a GIGABYTE server?
GIGABYTE has sales offices in many countries around the world. Consumers can find the nearest distributor or system integrator contact information from the GIGABYTE website (https://www.gigabyte.com/Buy).
How long is GIGABYTE's server product warranty?
The warrany period for GIGABYTE's server motherboards and barebones servers is dependent on many factors. Confirm with your seller.
How can I contact GIGABYTE server technical support and apply for a RMA service?
GIGABYTE has many service centers around the world to provide technical support and product repair services. Otherwise, customers can apply for online technical support (https://esupport.gigabyte.com/Login/Index?ReturnUrl=%2f) and RMA repair applications (https://www.gigabyte.com/Support/Register) through a local technical support hotline or on the GIGABYTE website
If my GIGABYTE server products are out of warranty, are there any repair options available?
First, in order to confirm warranty, you can submit an online RMA request and we will determine if your product is indeed out of warranty. If the board/system is out of warranty, there will be a cost involved if you wish to have it fixed by GIGABYTE.
Can I install my preferred components on a GIGABYTE server myself?
Each of GIGABYTE's server products has a website with a support link. In addition to providing software updates, there is also a QVL document for consumers to use to choose the parts that are approved and compatible. Please use the components recommended by GIGABYTE to assemble your GIGABYTE products to ensure the best performance, and for peace of mind.

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