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May 1, 2013
Why system takes much longer time to boot up after updating new BIOS?
The new version BIOS is equipped with a peripherals detection function (B.B.S.). The function would auto-detect all bootable devices that connected to the computer and then list them in the menu for user to manage the booting order. Therefore the system would take longer time to boot up for this function compared with pervious version, which fixedly list all possible devices (ex. FDD, HDD01, CDROM, and etc.) in the menu. However, it is still a bit unusual that the boot takes more than 1 minute. We surmise that this might be because a certain device does not respond to BIOS detection. To examine whether the problems are caused by B.B.S., you could remove all external devices from ports such as USB, LPT, and COM and leave HDD in your computer. Then the boot is supposed to take much less time. Later on, you could reinstall these devices one by one and check whether it is one device’s failure to respond to BIOS detection that makes the boot take more than 1 minute. Thanks