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    GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 is not only attractive externally, but also quite interesting "inside". Many GIGABYTE technologies features are used in this board. GIGABYTE engineers paid much attention to the wiring layout, all connectors and ports are located in the places where they should be. You do not have to pull the cable from the USB 2.0 ports from the front of the case to the other end of the case. The same applies to the fans, all the connectors, of which the board has eight pieces, are spaced across the entire area. It would seem, a trifle, but when assembling a PC, and especially neat, this little thing turns into a huge plus! More
    oclab 2017/07
  • recommended

    GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 will be an excellent basis for a powerful and representative gaming computer, and will give you a lot of positive emotions, because in this model all the best technologies that can be found are collected. More
    oclab 2017/07
  • Editor's choice

    The best price-quality product among the top-end solutions for advanced gamers. More
    Chip 2017/05
  • Mainstream award

    The Z270X- Gaming 7 is a feature rich board, on some parts maybe even overkill for casual gamers. Best of all is that one doesn't need to pay a premium prize for all this luxury. Performance is good and on par with most Z270 based motherboards. More
    madshrimps 2017/05

  • Worth Buying

    Excellent RGB and fan control systems aid a good feature set and wise design choices to make Gigabyte’s Aorus Z270X-Gaming 7 a smart choice. More
    kitguru.net 2017/05
  • Recommended Award

    In our view, if those priorities are connectivity, cooling options and visual panache, then this motherboard is a good choice. More
    Hardware Heaven 2017/05
  • Very Good Award

    Excellence board massive features and high performance
    Zeden 2017/05
  • Recommended

    GIGABYTE was better value with more features.
    PC Authority 2017/05

  • Gold Award

    professional audio More
    Arabhardware 2017/04
  • the choice of gamers

    As a result, GIGABYTE provides you with a wide choice of products, and it's up to you to decide whether you need to pay extra for additional functionality or to limit yourself to a more modest budget. More
    Gecid 2017/04
  • BEST Features

    In this review, we analyzed the full GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-GAMING 7 motherboard. During the tests, the motherboard showed great performance and was able to provide the required voltages for the processor. The motherboard has a modest and acceptable package, and the accessories come complete with it. The Z270X-GAMING 7 has a very good build quality and a variety of overclocking switches on it. The Z270X-GAMING 7 design is very good in advance and gives you a sense of a high-end motherboard. In the network and audio system, GIGABIT will fully meet the needs of professional gamers with the most advanced Len chips and sound system. The RGB FUSION Lighting of this motherboard is another great strength. From the hardware we offer, GIGABYTE will consider the precision software tools to be your beautiful eagle, so that you will not feel any lack of it. More
    Sakhtafzar.com 2017/04
  • Sliver Award

    +Great set of features +Great audio circuitry, which is customisable +USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 +The best fan configurations we have ever seen +Excellent RGB performance +Intelligent motherboard layout More
    illgaming 2017/03

  • Z270X-Gaming 7编辑选择奖

    有着如此出色的配置,技嘉AORUS Z270X-Gaming 7 小熊在线编辑部取得编辑们一致认可,获得“编辑推荐奖”,这也是IT垂直媒体给予的最高奖项。 More
    小熊在線 2017/03
  • Editor's Choice

    Motherboards have a lot of things going for them!!! Going through everything the Aorus Gaming 7 has tells me that it takes a lot of guts for a manufacturing company to try and compete in this category. That said, Gigabyte is doing an excellent job. I even dare to say that they have become one of the top board makers. More
    Pure Overclock 2017/03
  • Cool Product Award

    Z270X-Gaming 7 ticket to gaming segment with little AORUS upgrade. More
    Prohardver.hu 2017/02
  • Top Product Award

    At first glance it seems to be almost identical. It`s ready for demanding users who look for stability during overclocking with the possibility of large water cooling. Altough Gaming 5 is already good the basis for a powerful gaming machine.
    Generation Magazine 2017/02

  • platinum award

    One must say that Gigabyte really has made a high end gaming board, with lots of features and a big softare package on top of that. More
    Hardware-test.dk 2017/02
  • Winner of the test award

    Two most important features are the advanced cooling and LED lighting control. Advantages: Super LED light and fan control, Thunderbolt 3 and U.2, Good performance"
    PC World 2017/02
  • Recommended Award.

    Z270X-Gaming 7 is a well rounded and competitively priced high-end motherboard for Intel LGA-1151 CPUs. We especially like innovative RGB lighting implementation, Creative based integrated sound chip, and Thunderbolt 3 support.
    BUG 2017/02
  • Editor Recommendation Award

    GIGABYTE Z270X-GAMING 7 is really "godlike" equipped and there is no doubt it will be one of the most popular among enthusiasts.
    PC Press 2017/02

  • Golden_Recommended_Premium Quality_Best Value

    RGB LED lighting is great and the integration of a better fan control system is one of the best changes that have been made More
    Masgamers 2017/01
  • 5 Stars Award

    Excellent expansion capabilities, as well as support for all the latest connection types and communication protocols that allow you to use any storage device currently in use with the ability to combine different types of SSD into ultra-low RAID configurations. More
    Nexthardware 2017/01
  • Golden Award

    Computers & More 2017/01
  • Recommendation Award

    Nearly perfect layout for plenty of room to breath dual cards in SLI/CrossFire and triple NVMe support along with future proof U.2 connector. It's a very stylish board and incredibly looking RGB Fusion system adds even more value for those who like LEDs. More
    Technews 2017/01

  • Hardware Award

    It’s hard to dislike the GAMING 7. Positioned above this model are the GAMING 8 and GAMING 9. Given just how fully featured this board is, it’s hard to imagine what AORUS/GIGABYTE could possibly add to this template that would justify the significantly higher price of either of the higher-end models. There’s really nothing to fault here. The Z270X GAMING 7 is an impressive board, fit for any high-end gaming machine. More
    NAG 2017/01
  • Recommended 5/5 stars

    This motherboard is excellent level of performance .It is with very full design and LED lighting. It is also with fantastic overclocking perfmance. Therefore, we will recommend Z270X-Gaming 7 as an ideal motherboard. More
    MuyComputer 2017/01
  • APC hot product

    APC 2017/01

    The first supports RGBW Light Strips More
    XFastest 2017/01

  • 5 Stars Award

    Stable performance and quality components. Preparation for water cooling,tabular BIOS App Center,One of the best RGB backlit. More
    gamesite.sk 2017/01
  • 9.0 award

    Strong points: + Quality of construction + Performance + Connectivity options + OC capacity + Integrated Creative Audio + Software + Multi zone RGB illumination More
    Lilireviews 2017/01
  • Outstanding award

    Chip 2017/01
  • Silver

    The audio and ethernet interfaces of the Z270X-Gaming 7 are high-end ones, but the programmable RGB LEDs around the motherboard are the real highlight.” More
    Hardware secrets 2017/01

  • Recommended

    Design, features and performance More
    Noticias3D 2017/01
  • 8.5/10 award

    Despite it’s simplistic look, we were able to reach 4.9GHz at 1.4v using the Gigabyte Aorus Z270X Gaming 7. If you’re looking for a solid board for your Kaby Lake build, then look no further.
    HWM 2017/01
  • Good performance award

    OC station 2017/01
  • Good Design

    OC station 2017/01

  • Gold Award

    Gigabyte delivers a first-class board with the Z270X-Gaming 7, which leaves nothing to be desired. More
    Technics3D 2017/01
  • Highly Recommended Award

    Avantages: - quality components - Reinforced PCIe x16 slots and DIMM - High level of equipment - BIOS More
    Benchmark.rs 2017/01
  • Gamer's Choice

    The GIGABYTE Z270X-Gaming 7 motherboard is considered to be the first family member of the AORUS series gaming motherboards. The admirable performance in performance and overclock tests is commendable. Designed for such a motherboard as RGB FUSION, the high-end M.2 X4 32Gb / s, 32Gb / s U.2 and SATA Express 10Gb / s, as well as porting it to ports, USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gb / s and Thunderbolt 3 Gb / s make this model one of the most modern, yet most up-to-date, motherboards in the market. More
    Shahrsakhtafzar.com 2017/01
  • Exceptional

    (...) this is both a great board in its own right and one that's very good value compared to the competition. More
    Bit-tech 2017/01

  • Gold Award

    OC Workbench 2017/01
  • Good innovation

    Vmodtech 2017/01
  • Good Performance

    Vmodtech 2017/01
  • Gold Award

    It's a very nice motherboard I do highly recommend if you are after Z270 motherboad. (...) Good overclocking support, Stylish, Good I/O, RGBW header More
    Techteam GB 2017/01

  • Gold Award

    The AORUS Z270X-Gaming 7 is poised to represent one of GIGABYTE’s premium motherboard solutions and it certainly delivers on this. Gaming 7 sets the standard for others to follow, boasting a feature-rich platform and stunning aesthetics. More
    Vortez Hardware 2017/01
  • Performance Award

    Brilliant performance, tons of features, lots of customisation and affordable pricing add up to a pretty unbeatable package More
    Overclock3D 2017/01
  • Approved award

    There's more storage, more lighting, more audio, and more enthusiast-friendly features such as onboard buttons. More
    Hexus.net 2017/01
  • Recommended award

    Quality of components with Ultra Durable technology, overclock and BIOS stability More
    Profesional Review 2017/01

  • Platium award

    Quality of components with Ultra Durable technology, overclock and BIOS stability More
    Profesional Review 2017/01
  • 100%Gamer+Recommend,

    Pros from HD-Tecnologia • Excellent manufacturing quality • Support for M.2, U.2 • RGB Fusion • 3 year warranty More
    HD-Tecnologia 2017/01
  • Best Hardware

    In the end the Gigabyte GA-Z270X Gaming 7 is terrific, a stable well designed platform with nice BIOS functions and a lot of bling. More
    Guru 3D 2017/01
  • silver award

    “Working with the Z270X Gaming 7 felt like we had a very mature platform on our hands and we did not find a bunch of odd quirks that we had to deal with. I find it likely that you will hit the ground running with this motherboard and a new Kaby Lake processor.” More
    HardOCP.com 2017/01

  • editor choice

    The AORUS Z270X-Gaming 7 has a lot of features that every enthusiast wants to have and it also provides a truly high quality audio solution. More
    Tecnogaming 2017/01
  • recommend

    Para quem quer uma placa-mãe robusta e cheia de recursos para montar um computador para jogos ou trabalho baseado em um processador Intel de sexta ou sétima gerações, pretende fazer overclock e tem um gabinete com janela lateral para admirar a iluminação interna, a Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 7 é uma excelente escolha More
    Clube do Hardware 2017/01
  • MUST HAVE Best Features Award

    The Z270X-GAMING 7 is my first encounter with an AORUS motherboard, and I have to say that GIGABYTE did the right thing by adding in all these features and improving on the ones they were lacking or the launch of the AORUS brand's first motherboard series. Fan control is up to par with almost all of GIGABYTE's competition, RGB lighting control is great, and I think AORUS is the only brand with RGBW headers. More
    Tweaktown 2017/01

    Good points : •Design •Quality of construction • RGB lighting • Double network controller • Two M.2 ports • Audio circuit More
    HWBOX 2017/01