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  • Editor's Choice

    Finally, the GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS GAMING 5 motherboard successfully won the Editor's Choice badge from the specialized hardware lab. Receiving this badge is a confirmation and guarantee of the full functionality of this product from the hardware website. More
    Sakhtafzar.com 2018/04
  • 2017電腦_年度橫測編輯推薦獎

    電腦報 2018/01
  • MUST HAVE Best Features Award

    GIGABYTE's Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 chimes in under the $200 mark with a ton of features, both under the hood and in front of your eyes. More
    Tweaktown 2017/12
  • 2017 Best buy

    AORUS 第一時間推出了多款Z370新品,其中Z370 AORUS Gaming5用料強悍、外觀炫酷,同時價格也比較實在,成為RMB2000元內規格最強一款產品,深受用戶的好評。 More
    電腦報 2017/11