GA-K8NNXP -The Future Computing Platform for AMD AthlonTM64

Future Computing Platform for AMD AthlonTM 64 Platform
GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., the innovative leader in motherboard design and development, announces its latest model, the K8NNXP, as the flagship model of the Athlon™64 platform. Based on the NVIDIA nForce3 150 single chipset and innovative "6-Dual" Miracle design, the K8NNXP is especially designed for the Athlon™ 64, AMD's new generation processor.

A New Generation of AMD Features
The newly-released AMD Athlon™ 64 processor offers high-speed features such as an internal DDR memory controller, HyperTransport™ technology and 64 bit computing platform. Thememory controller is built directly into the AthlonTM64 processor to reduce the amount of computing cycleslost and the ultra-fast HyperTransport™ technology provides serial point-to-point links to enhance systemperformance.
As well, with the Athlon™ 64, desktop users can finally experience the power of 64-bit computing. 64-bitcomputing means the power to dramatically improve the performance of your more demanding applications,such as audio and video encoding, advanced gaming, and computer-aided design. The AMD Athlon™ 64is also compatible with existing 32-bit solutions to result in a smooth upgrade transition for businesses anddesktop users.

"6 Dual" Technology - Taking the AthlonTM64 to the Extreme
The GA-K8NNXP is based upon Gigabyte’s most distinguished “6 Dual” Technology. The “6 Dual”Technology improve system performance and stability of the motherboard while diminish the thermal issuevia its Dual Power System (DPS) and Dual Cooling system. The DUAL RAID includes Serial ATA RAIDand ATA133 RAID for increasing performance of data access as well as providing greater storage capacityand security. Gigabyte’s patented DualBIOS™ provides one back-up BIOS to repair the damaged mainBIOS, as in the case of a virus attack. The Dual LAN design gives users the ease of using their PC as ahome gateway as well as allowing for quick data transfer from WAN to LAN. Finally, the Dual CPUbandwidth of the revolutionary AMD 64-bit computing platform provides the double processing power to thenext generation application.
For those who wonder about the performance level of this motherboard, the K8NNXP is the definite leaderwith its "6 Dual" technology. For those who wonder about how far the motherboard can go, the K8NNXPused in conjunction with the Athlon64 3200+ can overclock to a record high of 2,630MHz and has achieved aphenomenal score of 26,416 on the 3Dmark2001 benchmark test. For guaranteed functionality andunmatched performance, the K8NNXP is the answer for this year's AMD AthlonTM 64 platform.

Quick and Easy Connectivity
The K8NNXP also offers a full range of connectivity such as Dual LAN, IEEE 1394, and USB2.0. TheGigabit LAN controller and 10/100 Ethernet controller allows for immediate network connectivity as well asproviding rapid data transfer between WAN and LAN. For simple data connectivity between computers,peripherals and consumer electronics, both USB and IEEE 1394 are the way to go. The K8NNXP offersIEEE 1394b which builds on the strengths of IEEE 1394a to allow for increased data transfer rates of up to800Mbps over lengths of up to 100 meters. The USB 2.0 interface offers simple plug-in of peripheralswithtransfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps. So get connected now with Gigabyte's K8NNXP!

GA-K8NNXP Main Specification
  • Supports AMD Athlon64 Processor (Socket 754)
  • NVIDIA nForce 3 150 Chipset
  • AGP 8x/4x, 5 PCI slot
  • DDR400/333 with 3 DIMMs, support up to 3GB registered memory
  • DPVRM (Dual Power Voltage Regulator Module) for Dual Power System (DPS-K8)
  • Dual LAN (Gigabit Ethernet + Fast Ethernet Connection)
  • Serial-ATA interface
  • GigaRAID IDE RAID interface
  • 3 IEEE1394b ports (T.I. solution)
  • 6 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
  • 6-channel AC97 audio with Universal Audio Jack
  • 2 Ultra ATA133 Connectors
  • DualBIOS™
  • Xpress™ Installation, Xpress™ Recovery, Smart FAN, EasyTuneTM4

Complete Product Line Is Ready
Accompanying with the flagship model K8NNXP, Gigabyte provides a complete line of nForce3 150platforms, including K8N Pro, K8N to fulfill the requirement of different applications and systemconfigurations. With the excellent performance and functionality, this product series presents the best choiceof AMD AthlonTM 64 platforms this year.