GIGABYTE Introduces First DIMM Supported Intel 820 Micro ATXUniversal Socket 370 motherboard, GA-6CMC7-(L)

February 10, 2000, Taipei, Taiwan – Giga-ByteTechnology Co., Ltd. ( todayannounces GA-6CMC7 motherboard. The firstuniversal socket 370 with 2 DIMMs design micro ATXmotherboard based on the new Intel 820 chipset. Intel820 chipset supports many new features, like 133MHzFSB (Front Side Bus), PC 100 SDRAM via MTH(Memory Transfer Hub), 4X AGP, ATA 66, AC 97(Software audio), HSP (Host Signal Processing)modem (AMR).

Unlike GA-6CX7 motherboard, which supports RIMM(Rambus In-Line Memory Module), GA-6CMC7 has built-in MTH, which can supportPC100 DIMM. This board is targeting users who require 4x AGP slot, ATA 66 HDsupport, but do not want to pay the premium for the Rambus memory. In addition tothese advanced features already supported by Intel 820 chipset, GA-6CMC7 alsoadded many features that meet your requirement now and extend to the future,these improvements are 4 USB ports, Suspend to RAM (STR), PC 99 color codedI/O connector, LDCM, SIV, health monitoring hardware, adjustable CPU core voltage,and variable front side bus speed setting. GA-6CMC7 also ship with AGP 4Xretention mechanism, foldable CPU retention mechanism. For cooperate customerswho requires LAN, GA-6CMC7-L is the ideal solution for them, GA-6CMC7-Lincluding all the features mention above in addition it has Intel 82559, supportsWake on LAN, Alert on LAN, built-in. With all these advanced features on theGiga-Byte GA-6CMC7 or GA-6CMC7-L motherboard, it gives you the futurecomputing power today.

GA-6CMC7-(L) has the Intel 820 chipset with the 133MHz-system clock (with abilityto adjust the voltage and set the system bus up to 150MHz) and supports IntelCeleron, and Pentium III family Processor chips from 300MHz all the way up to1GHz, with universal socket 370. The GA-6CMC7-(L) has main bus clock speed of100/133 MHz, a clock multiplier of 3.0 / 3.5 /4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0/ 5.5 all the way up to 8.0.On this motherboard it has 2 PC100, 164 pin DIMM sockets, supports SDRAMmemory module from 64MB to 512MB, with a maximum total memory of 1GB. TheIntel 820 AGP set solution is right on the cutting edge.

To go on, there is one 4X AGP slot with AGP 4X retention mechanism (to keep your application, one AMR 2.0 slot for your software modem riser card, three PCI slotsgive you the most flexible expansion. It supports 2 UDMA/66 IDE ports (up to 4Ultra ATA 66 Devices), four USB Ports to satisfy the up trend of the USB devices(two in the front and two in the back), PS/2 mouse and keyboard. There is supporton the main board for 3 fans speed detection, 1 CPU, 1 power supply fan, and 1case fan. There is a sensor under the processor, which is in contact with theprocessor. It will sense the temperature of the CPU and send it to the CMOS for youto see. You can set your limits on the temperature and have it give you an alarm ifit's beyond that setting. The good thing did not stop here; this board also candetect the power supply voltage, CPU voltage, and also the fan rotation speed. Allthis information not only can be found inside the CMOS setting, it also can be displayunder Windows 95/98 and Windows NT by running the Gigabyte's SIV (SystemInformation Viewer) or the Intel's LDCM (LANDesk Client Manager) software. Withall these System Health monitoring functions added to this board, you never have toworry about your system will fail due to CPU overheat. There is also a buzzer builton the board, so you don't have to use the case speaker. Keyboard, mouse, LAN,RTC Alarm, and Modem Ring can power the computer up.