• Fan EZ-Chain Mag: DIY-friendly fan design with magnetic interlocking mechanism and DAISY-CHAIN.
  • LCD Edge View: Circular full-color LCD for video playback/custom text support.
  • New fan blade design increases both airflow and pressure, while reducing noise.
  • The water block and fan feature gradient lighting, and the ARGB fan lighting can be synchronized with other AORUS devices through GCC (GIGABYTE Control Center).
  • Universal design for fan and pump RPM control, compatible with all motherboard brands.

Where Effortless Meets Efficiency

The upgraded all-in-one liquid cooling system is here, injecting boundless power into your gaming experience and enjoy DIY-friendly Innovation features for easy, neat installations.

DIY-friendly Innovations

LCD Edge View

Customizable display options for monitoring clock frequencies, utilization, temperatures, fan rpm, and pump rpm.

  • | 5 modes with meticulously crafted default animations.
  • | 40MB of integrated storage capacity.
  • | Personalize with your own text/GIF/JPEG/MP4 files to express your creativity.
  • | Display orientation can be software-controlled for a 360-degree rotation.

Level Up Your Performance
with Turbocharged Cooling

Gear up for unmatched cooling power with boosted performance across the board - power, flow, pipes, and plate area, all fine-tuned for the ultimate heat-busting experience!


Pump size increase 1


Pump flow rate increase


tube inner diameter


Increase in contact fin surface area enhances cold plate heat dissipation 1


Improved Cooling Efficiency Thermal Paste bundled 2

1 Compared to the previous generation product. 2 Compared to the standard thermal paste.

Bring the Light of Victory to the Battlefield

Create an exceptional gaming atmosphere with the seamless integration of chrome plating and dynamic LED lighting on the water block, along with the ability to adjust both the ARGB fan lighting and water block lighting together. This synchronization can be effortlessly achieved through GCC (GIGABYTE Control Center), providing a truly immersive gaming experience.


Exclusive Partnership

*For reference only; actual appearance may vary.




Intel 115x,1200,1700
AMD TR4, AM5, AM4, sTR5

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