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Optimize your IT strategy with servers designed for max density and flexibility, bringing out the performance that can handle the growing volume of data. 
Implement 'green' computing that can help you lower your business expense (TCO) and carbon expenditure. 
Utilize the advancement of acceleration and connectivity of the computers, and translate into innovations to move us faster and safer in the smarter 21st century. 

Releasing the EXA-Potential of Your Data Center
Beat the Heat so Your Potential and Performance Meet. Overcoming the challenges of today’s hiking power consumption in data centers with optimized operation stability and PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) by implementing servers designed for cooling methods that fit your IT strategy, from air, liquid, to immersion. 

Our complete range of advanced cooling solutions, which are backed up with precision engineering, are designed to offer superb airflow and thermal dissipation. 

▼ See our tech guide to learn more about the cooling that fits your IT strategy.

Flexible and Density-Optimized Performance for Innovation at Any Scale
Moving the world with your ability to store and analyze the growing amount of information. Scale up and out with next-gen solutions, flex your IT strategies with more options to spare, and challenge the status quo with density-optimized servers. 

Our servers are designed to accommodate a large volume of diversified CPUs and components in terms of electrical delivery and heat dissipation. These high-performance servers are the vital element to build a supercomputer that contains thousands of cores working in parallel. 

▼ Download a tech guide to kickstart your IT journey and plan the data center that's right for you.

Enterprise Grade Computing in a Compact Delivery
Eliminate the barrier to entry, work on big innovations on a feasible scale: Stand-alone chassis for customers to customize and expand as needs change.

Our W771-Z00 workstation/tower server is ideal for either local or cloud deployment. Not only does the system work well for 3D collaboration projects, simulations and science research, it can also support Myelintek's MLSteam AI training platform to ensure the better use of AI practices by scientists and developers.

▼ See how the W771-Z00 helped a student's Formula Racing team achieving their goal, and how Myelintek's MLSteam accelerates AI training for scientists and developers.

High Performance Computing Platform for Safer and Greener Transportation
Leverage the Power of Computing to helm AI and vehicular communications, get from point A to point B effortlessly and with peace of mind.

Our high-performance zonal-integrated DCUs and decision-making control hosts are built on extensive experience in developing ADCU (Autonomous Driving Control Unit) to serve various requirements and design concepts. The centralized architecture maximizes the power of AI and simplifies communications to lower vehicle production costs which can be streamlined and safe.

▼ Download our product brief to learn more about the autonomous driving platform.

Next-gen Performance Delivered for Digital Natives
Keep up with the next-gen computing, and keep it to the center of your universe – be it where you get entertained or inspired. 

Our products continue to deliver our users the most fashionable and up-to-date features such as easy installation and cable management in Stealth 500 system(chassis), 1ms GTG and 120Hz refresh rate in FO48U gaming monitor, and a quantum performance leap in AERO and AORUS laptops powered by 13th Gen Intel® HX and H Core™ Processors and the latest NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 Series Laptop GPUs.

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