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Overcoming the challenges of today’s hiking power consumption in data centers with optimized operation stability and PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) by implementing servers designed for cooling methods that fit your IT strategy, from air, liquid, to immersion.

Get to Know Your Cool

  • Air Cooling
  • Cool air is pumped through floor vents into the data center’s “cold aisle” and channeled through the server racks, transferring heat to the “hot aisle”. The heated air is drawn into ceiling vents and chilled by the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit, thus renewing the cycle.
  • GIGABYTE servers are designed with optimized air flow to maximize the density of the servers and provide the highest computing performance which is achieved with Automatic Fan Speed Control that allows individual fan speeds to be automatically adjusted according to temperature sensors strategically placed in the servers.
  • Liquid cooling
  • DLC uses warm liquid rather than cold air to dissipate heat from computer and server components by capturing component heat in a closed liquid path. The heated liquid is then sent to the CDU to exchange for warm liquid and loop back for cooling.
  • GIGABYTE servers are designed with passive cold plate loops to eliminate separate pumping mechanisms to minimize system failure rate. The factory-installed liquid-cooled servers are drop-in ready to provide efficient cooling & heat dissipation for performance-demanding workloads.
  • Immersion Cooling Immersion Cooling
  • Servers are submerged into a bath of non-conductive liquid to allow thermal generated by computer components to be transmitted into the fluid and cooled using either a single-phase method, which requires the dielectric coolant to be pumped by CDU to the heat exchanger outside the tank; or a two-phase method, in which the heat is removed through a cycle of liquid phase change of vaporization and condensation.
    Single-Phase Immersion Cooling
    Two-Phase Immersion Cooling
  • GIGABYTE servers are modular designed to quickly respond to customer needs and modify other air-cooled servers for submerged cooling systems. The immersion cooling servers are installed with brackets to support vertical installation/removal for easy management, and fanless server design deliver 10-20% lower power draw.

    GIGABYTE immersion tanks are self-contained which need less servicing. The tanks are also equipped with sensors to maintain ideal operating temperature, and provide greater operation stability with redundant CDU.
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    A1P0-EB0 (rev. 100)
    A1P0-EB0 (rev. 100)
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Which Cooling Solution Fits Your Current IT Strategy?

What's the power consumption of your current data center?
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
How much space is available for your data center?
  • Barely room to walk
  • Room to expand
  • Empty lot to leverage
How flexible is your IT upgrade option?
  • I'd like it to stay the same
  • I can make some change
  • I want a new infrastructure
What budget do you have for a cooling upgrade?
  • Keeping it light
  • Highest CP Ratio
  • Spare no expense
What's the main purpose of your data center?
  • Virtual machine
  • Cloud services
  • AI / HPC Computing
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