The new generation of communications revolves around faster and smarter connectivity through AI. GIGABYTE Technology provides advanced compute performance with bespoke server solutions for telco operators, GPU-accelerated AI platforms, eco-friendly immersion cooling, and edge computers for autonomous vehicles. At MWC 2024, visit GIGABYTE and experience the Future of Computing!

Supercomputing Tailor-made for Telco
Next-gen communications will be the superhighways of advanced computing. Solutions that can service CN and RAN while supporting virtualization and containerization will be the foundation. GIGABYTE offers customizable modular-design servers featuring x86 or ARM processors ready for deployment across diverse network locations. Our EMC, environmental, and information security-certified quality ensures long-term stable operations.

Evolve Your Network

Infuse Your World with Superintelligence
GIGABYTE can add oomph to the launchpad of your network through AI computing. Meticulously engineered to unleash the full potential of revolutionary new processors, including AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series accelerators, NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip, and the HGX H100 8-GPU module, GIGABYTE can invigorate your data center with groundbreaking AI tools that will put you ahead of the competition.

Level Up with AI

A New Day for Telco Data Centers

GIGABYTE understands what telco needs. Our servers are certified by industry standards and support a wide range of computing platforms, accelerators, and network cards for optimized deployment in various environments. The customizable modular design ensures versatility and flexibility that will help you build a future-proof data center suited to your requirements.

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All-new Solutions for AI & HPC

GIGABYTE servers possess the potential to process AI models with parameters numbering in the trillions. State-of-the-art chips made by industry leaders are combined with GIGABYTE’s proprietary mechanical design and thermal management to empower private enterprises and research institutes with the performance and scalability that will allow visionaries to lead humanity toward a brighter future.
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Paragons of Eco-friendly Computing

Highly advanced CPUs and GPUs designed for AI and HPC generate a lot of heat. GIGABYTE’s immersion cooling solutions help data centers stabilize server temperature while enhancing power usage effectiveness (PUE). They also raise the ceiling for performance and improve productivity. Achieve carbon reduction and sustainability goals today by incorporating these breakthroughs in your IT infrastructure.

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Let AI Be Your Pilot

The interconnected world of tomorrow thrives on edge computing and AI integration. GIGABYTE’s autonomous driving and ADAS platforms can be the on-board hub that links sensor arrays with AI models that navigate your vehicle with incredible precision. Evolved telematics solutions infuse the Internet of Vehicles with next-gen communications tech and AI through high-throughput, low-latency data transfer.
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