• What is it?
    Telematics is what happens when you combine vehicular technology with telecommunications and computer science. By using on-board computers to serve as the "brain" of the vehicle and telemetry to transmit data, a central controller can track vehicles and assets, manage a fleet remotely, schedule preventative maintenance, or even monitor driver behavior.

    Telematics has become one of the foundations of the modern intelligent transportation system (ITS). It is especially prevalent in sectors where a large number of vehicles are used in tandem to fulfill critical roles, such as public transportation, logistics, construction, and emergency services.

  • Why do you need it?
    The ability to connect vehicles to one another (also known as Vehicle-to-Vehicle, V2V) or to other devices (also known as vehicle-to-everything, V2X) is an essential part of the ITS. Especially in the era of 5G, telematics can provide the fleet management system (FMS) with comprehensive data about the status of each vehicle, including its location, usage, fuel consumption, idling time, and even driver condition. As one might imagine, the implications are enormous.

    Improved productivity: Controllers can design better routes and work schedules to increase the fleet's efficiency.

    Decreased operating costs: Better efficiency naturally leads to more effective fuel consumption, which may help to reduce costs.

    Better safety: A complete grasp of how drivers feel and how they are driving will enhance personnel safety.

  • How is GIGABYTE helpful?
    For the vehicle's on-board computer, GIGABYTE offers two products: the In Vehicle Telematics Controller and IIOT Gateway, and the Telematics Module.

    The In Vehicle Telematics Controller and IIOT Gateway is also called the In-Vehicle Telematics Control Unit (TCU). It is an ARM-based computing platform that supports Android or Linux OS. It bundles highly integrated telematics technology with high-speed network communication interfaces and automotive grade components. This enables real-time communication between the vehicle and the FMS.

    The Telematics Module is a single board computer (SBC). It is smaller than a TCU but can offer most of the core functions. It is worth noting that both the TCU and the SBC can be used in vehicles besides buses, trucks, construction vehicles, or emergency vehicles. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), which are essential for industrial automation and IIoT, can also benefit from GIGABYTE's telematics solutions.

    At the control center, GIGABYTE's server products may be used in conjunction with telematics devices. Depending on the job at hand and the existing infrastructure, customers may choose GIGABYTE's High Density ServersGPU Servers, or Rack Servers for computing; Edge Servers for edge computing; and Storage Servers for data storage. If the control center is too small to support a server room, GIGABYTE's W-Series Servers may serve as workstations that bring enterprise-grade computing to the client's desk.