Edge Computing

  • What is it?
    Edge computing is defined as bringing data and information closer to the application from the source. Which often means a distributed computing paradigm that processes data near IoT devices rather than having to retrieve information from data center or clouds.

    Looking Towards 5G and the Transformation of Our Technology Ecosystem

    When everything in the world becomes connected to the internet, human society will become a huge, highly intelligent organism. The “brain” of this organism will be the cloud, and its limbs will be a variety of end applications such as smart phones, AI-enabled robots, self-driving cars and smart factories.

    An Intelligent Video Analytics Platform for Smart Cities

    GIGABYTE has partnered with Gorilla Technology Group to deliver an Intelligent Video Analytics Solution, using AI to implement facial, vehicle and behavior recognition technology of video streams from CCTV cameras in order to deliver business intelligence, security and safety solutions for both private enterprises and public organizations.