Looking Towards 5G and the Transformation of Our Technology Ecosystem
When everything in the world becomes connected to the internet, human society will become a huge, highly intelligent organism. The “brain” of this organism will be the cloud, and its limbs will be a variety of end applications such as smart phones, AI-enabled robots, self-driving cars and smart factories.
[Video] COMPUTEX 2019 Booth Tour
We can't take you to the future with a post, but we can take you to our GIGABYTE booth, and show you what we have on display this year.
AI / Data Science Cloud Platform
GIGABTYE has collaborated with InfinitiesSoft to create an integrated private / hybrid cloud platform to streamline data, tools and workflows in AI training & Big Data analysis.
VirtualStor Scaler Turnkey Storage Package
GIGABYTE has joined forces with Bigtera to offer a high performance software defined storage package: VirtualStor™ Scaler, utilizing a scale-out architecture to eliminate over-provisioning. GIGABYTE servers have been fully validated and tested with VirtualStor™ Scaler to offer a complete hardware / software turnkey storage solution that is ready for fast and easy deployment into your data center.
[Video] 2019 CES Recap
A showcase of smart solutions that will propel 5G technology advancement.