• Powered by ATi Radeon X700Pro GPU
  • High Performance 128MB DDR3 memory accelerates the latest 3D games
  • All new 128-bit memory interface
  • Supports the new PCI-e x16 standard
  • Support Microsoft DirectX®9.0C
  • Noise-free Heat Sink plus Heat Pipe passive cooling system design
  • DVI-I and TV-Out connector supported, S-Video to HDTV(Ybrbc) Cable bundled
  • GIGABYTE V-Tuner || for overclocking
  • Bundles two full version games
  • Free Power DVD 5.0
  • GIGABYTE V-tuner2
    Real time monitoring the temperature, coolling fan speed and coltage of the graphics card, and dynamically control the working frequency and fan speed to let your graphics card always run at the best condition. GIGABYTE V-tuner2 provides a user-friendly and simple interface for overclocking, and allows users to dynamically adjust core and memory clocks.
  • Widescreen resolution support
    ResolutionColors (bits) Refresh Rate (Hz)
    1920 x 12008/16/3275
    1920 x 10808/16/3285

    *Resolutions are limited by the performance of the attached monitor. 16:9 / 16:10 aspect ratio monitors are only supported on Windows® XP. The complete list of resolutions depends on the driver version and operating system.
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