• 2.4GHz Wireless Technology
  • Scissor-key Structure
  • Selective anti-ghosting around WASD cluster
  • Dynamic volume and zoom in/out control
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Technology

    Easy plug and play—free from any drivers or pairing process, get rid of entangled cables, you simply plug the receiver and start working with your keyboard via the long-range wireless connection.

  • Scissor-Key Structure

    Built with slim scissor-key structure, FORCE K7 Wireless ensures extreme short actuation distance and stable key presses. Ultra-slim keycaps also minimize the typing effort in keyboarding.

    *Removing the keycaps is not recommended under any circumstance.

  • Anti-ghosting Capability Around WASD Cluster

    Anti-ghosting capability around the WASD cluster on FORCE K7 Wireless guarantees the general gaming combination keys are registered and executed without conflict. Never be hurt by the missing signal failure during you press multiple keys simultaneously for the gaming commands.

    *The FORCE K7 Wireless supports up to Q/W/A/S/D /left shift/ space 7 simultaneous key-presses without conflict!

  • Dynamic Volume and Zoom Control

    Intuitive wheel based volume and zoom in/out control for easy hassle-free adjustments.

  • Windows Lock Functionality

    The Win-lock key with independent indicator allows you to disable the Windows key and prevent accidental activation of the Windows Start function during gaming session, so you’ll never be worried about throwing your game by hitting the wrong keys.

  • Hot-link Function Keys

    The convenient function keys (F1~F12) offer you a quick and easy access to the most common functions and social networking sites.

  • Extended Rest Area for Better Comfort

    Extended rest area at an ergonomically optimized angle perfectly supports your hands while holding on W/ A/ S/ D or the 4-direction keys and ensures hours upon hours of comfortable gaming.

  • Adjustable Feet Stands

    Non-slick rubber feet prevents slipping. Adjustable keyboard tilt by extending the feet stands allows you to find personal optimal wrist position.

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