Key Features

  • AMD Socket AM5:Supports AMD Ryzen™ 7000 / Ryzen™ 8000 Series Processors
  • Unparalleled Performance:Twin 12+2+2 Phases Digital VRM Solution
  • Dual Channel DDR5:4*DIMMs with AMD EXPO™ & Intel® XMP Memory Module Support
  • Superfast Storage:1* PCIe 5.0 x4 and 1* PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 Connector
  • Advanced Thermal Design & M.2 Thermal Guard :To Ensure VRM Power Stability & 25110 M.2 SSD Performance
  • EZ-Latch:PCIe x16 Slot & M.2 Connectors with Quick Release & Screwless Design
  • Fast Networks:2.5GbE LAN
  • Extended Connectivity:HDMI, DP, Front USB-C® 20Gb/s, Rear USB-C® 10Gb/s
  • Smart Fan 6:Features Multiple Temperature Sensors, Hybrid Fan Headers with FAN STOP
  • Q-Flash Plus:Update BIOS Without Installing the CPU, Memory and Graphics Card





DIY Friendly

  • 12+2+2 Twin Digital VRM Design

    • 6-Layer PCB
    • Mid Loss PCB
    • 2X Copper PCB
    • Premium Choke and Capacitor
    *6+6 phases parallel power design
  • 1 x Gen 5 M.2 Slot
    1 x Gen 4 M.2 Slot

  • UD Power Connector

    • 8 pin CPU with UD Solid Pin
  • Socket AM5 Supports AMD
    Ryzen™ Series Processors

  • 4 x DIMMs, Dual Channel DDR5

  • Full-length PCIe slots

    • 1 x PCIe 4.0 x16 with PCIe UD Slot
    • 1 x PCIe 4.0 x4
    • VRM Thermal Armor Advanced

      • 6mm Heatpipe
      • 5 W/mk Thermal Pad
      • Integrated IO Shield
    • M.2 Thermal Guard

      • Q-FLASH Plus

      • 4 x USB 2.0

      • HDMI

      • DisplayPort

      • 1 x USB-C® 10Gb/s

      • 5 x USB 3.2 Gen 1

      • 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2

      • 2.5 GbE LAN

      • RGB Fusion

        • 2 x Addressable LED Headers
        • 3 x RGB LED Header
      • Front USB-C® 20Gb/s

      • 4 x SATA 6Gb/s

      • Enjoy reliable gaming audio

        • ALC897
        • Audiophile Grade Capacitors
        • M.2 EZ-Latch Plus

        • Multi-Key

          • RGB Switch
          • Direct to BIOS
          • Safe Mode
        • PCIe EZ-Latch

          Robust VRM Design

          in number

          All AORUS series gaming motherboards are equipped with an all-digital power design, which delivers the best stability under heavy workloads.

          Digital Twin VRM Design

          Ensures stable high-power delivery for advanced overclocking.

          *6+6 phases parallel power design
          VCORE Phases 60A Dr.MOS

          to unleash the full potential of multi-core CPU performance.

          SOC Phases 60A Dr.MOS

          for CPU integrated GPU performance and memory control.

          MISC Phases

          provide stable power for CPU-connected PCIe lanes.


          to the future

          All AORUS series gaming motherboards feature multiple techniques to enhance the performance of DDR5 memory with the best compatibility.

          Best-in-class Compatibility

          DDR5 Overclocking Up to
          8000 MT/s
          QVL List

          * Memory overlocking and EXPO/XMP support may vary. Please refer to the qualified vendor list (QVL) for details and note that product features may vary by model.

          BIOS Engineering

          Feature-rich BIOS functions that enable easy access to the best-in-class DDR5 performance.

          DDR5 Auto Booster

          one click to boost native DDR5-4800 to 5000

          AMD EXPO™/ Intel® XMP 3.0 User Profile

          optimizes memory settings and achieve the best performance for the system

          High Bandwidth

          one click to increase DDR5 bandwidth

          Low Latency

          one click to shorten DDR5 latency

          Learn more about BIOS optimizations

          Hardware Craftsmanship

          Maximize DDR5 performance with our advanced technology for an unparalleled gaming experience.

          Shielded Memory Routing

          Memory routing is shielded within the PCB's inner layer to protect against interference.

          Daisy-Chained Routing

          Optimized routing eliminates the stub effect, enabling higher memory frequencies and providing professional gamers with a faster and denser system memory experience.

          Efficient Thermal

          Overall Thermal

          Every AORUS motherboard is armored with the most advanced, full metal thermal design. These solid heatsinks are forged to keep your system cool while running fast.

          VRM Thermal Armor Advanced

          These solid heatsinks are forged to keep your system cool.

          Real One-piece Build
          Multi-Cut Design
          Large Surface

          M.2 Thermal Guard

          prevents throttling and bottlenecks from high speed M.2 SSDs

          Smart Fan 6

          Cool. Quiet. Customized.


          Build effortless

          Building your own PC is meant to be joyful and effortless. AORUS serious motherboard the most DIY-friendly ever.

          EZ-Latch Designs

          Effortless mechanisms that enable easy installations of components.

          *For reference only; actual appearance may vary.

          M.2 EZ-Latch Plus

          screwless installation for M.2 SSDs

          PCIe EZ-Latch

          easy detachment for graphics cards

          Quick Control Elements

          Reset. Update. Convenient.

          Q-FLASH PLUS
          Ultra Durable™

          Get everythingUD

          GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ Technology represents our highest standards to provide a platform for gamers that is not only powerful but also durable and reliable. AORUS series motherboard is built to last longer and stand stronger.

          PCIe UD Slot

          GIGABYTE's one-piece stainless-steel shielding design reinforces the PCIe Slots, providing the extra strength required to support heavy graphics cards.

          stronger shearing test
          stronger retention force test

          UD Power Connector

          The unique design provides better conductivity for power and better dissipation for the heat generated from it.

          Solid Pin Power Connector for CPU
          provides superior conductivity & signal transmission, reducing metal loss from repeated plugging

          Connectivity versatile

          Enable the ultimate connection experience with blazing data-transfer speeds through the next generation network, storage, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

          Seamless Connectivity

          2.5GbE LAN

          Enjoy reliable gaming audio

          High Quailty Sound
          Enjoy a high-quality sound experience, which supports 7.1 channel playback, features an advanced microphone array, and offers versatile connectivity options for gaming and entertainment.
          Audiophile Grade Capacitors
          Premium Grade Audio capacitors provide stable current, delivering a studio-quality experience.

          Elevating Performance Together

          AORUS series motherboard signifies our dedication to BIOS optimization. Through our community partnership, we're making next-gen performance more user-friendly.

          UC BIOS

          UC BIOS
          Redesigned as user-centered and provides intuitive performance tweakers.
          Redesigned UI and UX
          an intuitive operation interface with an aesthetically pleasing design.
          Quick Access
          9 customizable option slots for effortless access in Easy Mode.


          introduces innovative features for computer enthusiasts and professionals

          GIGABYTE Control Center

          a unified software platform across a variety of GIGABYTE products.

          RGB Fusion
          customize the RGB lighting on the motherboard or devices that connect to it.


          A multi-function reset button that can be reconfigured to other function in BIOS for different user scenarios.

          RGB Switch

          Turn off all lighting effect on motherboard.


          Boot into BIOS menu directly without pressing any keyboard button.

          Safe Mode

          Boot into BIOS safe mode to change specific option without losing other BIOS settings.

          Q-FLASH PLUS

          Update the BIOS easily without installing the CPU, memory and graphics card.

          STEP 1

          Plug 24pin & 8pin power supply cable on motherboard.

          STEP 2

          Download motherboard BIOS file and rename to "gigabyte.bin", save to USB flashdrive, and plug USB flashdrive into Q-FLASH PLUS USB port.

          STEP 3

          Press Q-FLASH PLUS button, and motherboard will start updating BIOS automatically.

          Smart Fan 6

          ensures optimal cooling and quiet operation for your gaming PC, with support for PWM/DC fans and pumps, customizable settings, and intuitive temperature monitoring.

          High Current Support

          Each fan headers support PWM and DC fan and Water Cooling Pump , and up to 24W (12V x 2A) with Over-Current Protection.

          Precision Control

          Multiple temperature/fan speed control points for precise fan curve.

          Dual Curve Mode

          Slope/Stair dual mode for different user scenario.

          Fan Stop

          Fan can stop completely below users' specified temperature point.

          Smart Fan 6 BIOS UI

          Note: The image shown is for reference purposes and may vary depending on the specific model.
          Enhance Fan Curve UI

          Enhance fan curve control with an expanded number of control points, from 5 to 7, and a larger fan speed graph, enabling users to have more precise and effortless control over fan curve settings.

          Slope/Stair Dual Graph Mode

          Switch between Slope and Stair modes to adapt to various user scenarios. Slope mode provides a linear fan speed curve, while Stair mode maintains a constant fan speed within specified temperature intervals.

          Manual Input

          For advanced users, manual input of fan speeds is available for fine-tuning and precise control over the cooling system.

          EZ Tuning

          Simplify the process with EZ Tuning by setting 4 points on a rough temperature/fan speed scale. Smart Fan 6 will quickly generate a fan curve based on these points.

          Fan Curve Profile

          Save your customized fan curve profile in the BIOS ROM, ensuring it remains intact even after BIOS updates.

          VRM Thermal Armor Advanced

          High coverage MOSFETs and integrated molded heatsinks improve thermal efficiency by enhancing airflow and heat exchange.

          3X Large Surface

          The surface area has been increased up to 3X larger compared to traditional heatsinks, resulting in improved heat dissipation from the MOSFETs.

          Real One-piece Build

          The TRUE single-piece heatsink offers superior cooling performance compared to competitors' multi-piece designs, thanks to its one-piece construction and larger surface area.

          Multi-Cut Design

          With its Multi-Cut Design, this heatsink includes multiple channels and inlets to enhance airflow, resulting in improved heat transfer performance.

          6mm Heatpipe

          6mm heatpipe helps to transfer heat between two heatsinks which improves overall thermal balance of the MOSFETs.

          5 W/mK Thermal Pad

          Optimize hardware performance with our advanced 5 W/mK Thermal Pad for efficient heat dissipation.

          2X Copper Enhancement

          Enhances system performance with improved heat dissipation, power handling, and seamless overclocking support.

          Maximize DDR5 performance with your memory settings

          AMD EXPO™/ Intel® XMP 3.0 User Profile empowers you to optimize your memory settings and achieve the best performance for your system.
          SPD Re-defined or retrieve from database

          Users can define two empty SPD profiles and transfer them to another computer.

          Performance Simulation

          Simulate memory performance quickly by inputting clock and timing parameters.

          Save/Load Profile

          Save and load memory profiles for online sharing.

          Boost non-overclockable DDR5 memory frequency

          Increase the frequency of non-overclockable DDR5 memory.

          One-click Clear Profile

          Reset memory settings conveniently.

          Enhanced Intuitive UX

          GIGABYTE User-Centred(UC) BIOS has enhanced the BIOS UX to provide users with an optimized experience featuring an intuitive operation interface and an aesthetically pleasing design.

          Quick Access Function

          GIGABYTE UC BIOS' Quick Access function selects 9 practical preset options from ADVANCE MODE and places them in EASY MODE for effortless access without switching or searching.

          Default AORUS skin

          *AORUS skin auto-applies when detecting a GIGABYTE motherboard.

          When running HWiNFO on a GIGABYTE motherboard, a unique, AORUS-themed skin will be automatically applied as default that is available in bright or dark mode. This AORUS skin can also be manually applied on non-GIGABYTE motherboards.

          Memory Timings Monitor

          As a result of the great efforts of expert developers from GIGABYTE and HWiNFO, this advanced readout application shows the most detailed memory timing settings ever, and help users monitor their memory performance and gain valuable insights.

          Detailed BIOS information

          GIGABYTE motherboard users can now check out the detailed BIOS information in real time via HWiNFO, such as status of toggles or tweakers, and the BIOS versions. No more reboot for BIOS check!

          Showcase your style

          Unleash your creativity with GCC's customizable lighting effects for your motherboard. Personalize your system with stunning visuals that reflect your individuality and style.

          Note: The depicted lighting effects are for demonstration purposes only, and the actual lighting effects may vary depending on the model.

          Supercharge your lighting options

          Addressable RGB LED headers allow you to customize each LED individually (for ARGB GEN2 devices), and you can easily accomplish this using GCC.

          *The information provided is for reference; please prioritize your specific setup and specifications.
          3x RGB LED headers
          2x ARGB LED headers

          * The terms HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI Trade dress and the HDMI Logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.
          * Product specifications and product appearance may differ from country to country. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications and appearance of the products available in your country. Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photographic variables and monitor settings so it may vary from images shown on this site. Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.