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  • Made with - Swarovski™ Crystallized™ elements & exquisite leather
  • Superior 18K gold (brown version)
  • GIGABYTE accurate laser tracking system
  • Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection
  • Made with - Swarovski™ Crystallized™ elements & exquisite leather

    Swarovski crystals sparkle with timeless charms, and the exquisite leather with two-tone stitching along the edges perfects the style of M7800S, which gives you extra low-key luxurious feeling.

  • Superior 18K Gold (brown version)

    Plated with 18K Gold on both center and side buttons, M7800S, therefore, becomes a more attractive possession.

  • GIGABYTE Accurate Laser Tracking System

    Equipped with GIGABYTE accurate laser tracking system and reliable 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, the mouse is so responsive and easy to control. When you are using the mouse, you will find it as smooth as it is engaging.

  • 800/1600 On-the-fly DPI Adjustable & Low-Power Indicator

    You may adjust DPI sensitivity anytime you want to by simply clicking DPI-adjusting button on the mouse. When the battery is low, the low-power indicator would blink for 5 seconds, and then turn off.

  • Portable Nano Receiver

    Plug-and-play technology makes it effortless to use the mouse on different devices. Tiny nano receiver ensures great experience of traveling with your notebook all the time!

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