System restarts immediately when trying to run Easy Tune6 if the latest FM2+ support BIOS adopted. Or system keeps resetting itself if the Easy Tune6 "Auto run when system restarts" has been activated.

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This symptom may be caused by an outdated version of Easy Tune6 (version before Nov. 1st, 2013) on your system. Please update to the latest version.

Or it could be fixed by the following procedures (applies with Easy Tune6 configured to auto run when Windows starts):

  1. Enter Windows Safe Mode*
  2. Run ET6fix to solve this symptom
* Windows 8 users may enter Safe Mode by the following procedures:
  1. Select [Advanced options] in Automatic Repair screen
  2. Click on the [Troubleshoot] tab
  3. Click on the [Advanced options] tab
  4. Click on the [Startup Settings] tab
  5. Click on the [Restart] tab
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