My laptop display shows bright light around the corners of the display when the display background is dark or fully black. Is this normal?

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This may be called “backlight bleeding”, which to some, this may be considered as part of the “Mura effect”. This is a characteristic of the display panel, which some are more apparent than others. GIGABYTE is dedicated in using the latest and best displays with high brightness and wide viewing angles for all GIGABYTE laptops. All Panels are inspected and pass strict standards, even with such in mind, it is not possible to eliminate all technical limitations/characteristics. Most of the Mura effects does not alter the user experience or even noticeable under normal usage.
Please refer to more information below about the Mura effect.

Mura Effect
The word “Mura” means “not even” in Japanese. This term is used to describe the “uneven” parts shown on a display. They are many different types of mura effects, depending on the type of panel technology (e.g. ISP glow) and production limitations, users may experience visual differences from panel to panel, such as backlight bleeding around the edges or “cloudy” patches on the display.
*GIGABYTE recommends you to adjust the display brightness to a comfortable level and view the display at a proper distance/angle. This not only saves energy but also minimizes any Mura effects experience.
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